More Eye Candy

Are you ready for this?   Over many months, I’ve acculmulated a collection of back collages on Polyvore.   Most were done while I was answering phones at work.  This shows that I’ve either a) got too much free time or b) have octopus-like tentacles and can multitask like a slick mother-multitasker because I can answer questions and collage simultaneously.

Some of these I like, some are pure crap.  I’ll admit, I’m not the world’s most talented collager.

Don’t miss the train by LitCon

Boy Crazy: A ’90’s Scrapbook « The Lit Connection by LitCon

Untitled by LitCon

Into the woods by LitCon

Graveyard by LitCon

Ready for the Fall by LitCon

If Beale Street Could Talk by LitCon

Music Hall by LitCon

Untitled by LitCon

Purple Days by LitCon

Brown and Blue by LitCon

My Roman Holiday by LitCon

A Tale of Two Ballerinas by LitCon

Victorian Showgirl by LitCon

Witch by LitCon

Ben Whishaw by LitCon

Teal by LitCon

5 dresses 5 days by LitCon


6 thoughts on “More Eye Candy”

  1. Polyvore overload!

    I like the “Brown and Blue” as well as the artistically titled “Untitled” title that was left without a title.

  2. These are really cool! Collaging takes a lot of patience. I love the creativity you put into these.

  3. chartroose: Thanks! Also, last I checked, JTT is attending Harvard. Granted, my concept of time is way off, so he might have already graduated and…gasp…given up acting.

    kmont: Thanks! Polyvore collages don’t take very long. You should try it! Once you get the hang of it, you can create one in 10 mins tops.

    Eric: You need to get your priorities straight and do the following. 1) Study for your finals 2) Stop checking up on my blog 3) ace your finals 4) take me to watch Twilight 5) hold my hand while we watch Twilight

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