Meme: What I’m reading

I’ve been tagged by Michele who wants to know what I’m reading. Drum roll please: Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.  It’s a Dickensian melodrama with so many plot twists it will leave you cross-eyed.

Fingersmith – by LitCon on
Rather than regurgitate the plot for you, I leave you with the trailer from the BBC production.  I am also completely smitten with Rupert Evans who plays Richard ‘Gentleman’ Rivers.  Yes, yes, I know this story has a lesbian spin and the focus is more girl on girl, not guy on girl or how the guy is so stand alone sexy with his Victorian whiskers and nimble-fingered magic tricks.  I love me some period drama men, especially the nitty gritty villains propping up these penny dreadfuls with their black hearts.

If you haven’t heard of Fingersmith, get yourself to your bookstore, library, generous bibliophile friend, money lending grandma, or corner book pimp and get yourself a copy.  Trust me.

Watch the trailer.

I have gone to great lengths to find this Fingersmith trailer (I’ve opened up multiple browsing windows!)  I repeat:  Watch the trailer!  If you are reading this on Google Reader, you might be tempted to skip the trailer.  It’s worth your mouse clicking effort.

Rupert Evans, you sly sexy fox, you are going in my gallery of British crushes.

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