Sweet Valley High

Sweet Valley High
Sweet Valley High – by LitCon on Polyvore.com

As I was cleaning out my closet yesterday and deciding which books I should keep and which I should give away, I stumbled upon two Sweet Valley High paperbacks I purchased at the grocery store in 7th grade (circa 1997).   They were the SVH sagas.   I was thirteen and had a fondness for family sagas, historical melodramas imbue with romance, daring escapades, stable boys, frolicking in the woods with the Marquis’ son.  I read each edition twice.  Several years and several adult romances later, I realize that these sagas were the water-downed outline of every historical romance on the market.   Now that I’ve read some top-notch literature, I don’t think I can stomach a re-read of SVH, but I can’t give them away.  They are childhood keepsakes.   I’ll save them for my future daughter or gay son.

The Fowlers of SVH & The Patmans of SVH.

Fowlers of Sweet Valley (Sweet Valley High)The Patmans of Sweet Valley (Sweet Valley High)

On an unrelated topic, I’ve collected a towering pile of old school composition books—the classic back and white kind.  These books are cheap (back in the day, they were $0.99) and cool personified.  When I was still living off my teenage allowance, they served as my journals.  Since I go through notebooks like water, they were economical.

Now that I earn a living wage and my energies are divided between blogging, twittering, and hand-journaling, I’ve upgraded to the expensive journals, though I still sleep with a comp book under my pillow to jot down the random night thought.

I stand by my opinion that these old school comp books are a must-have for the cool.   Think Harriet the Spy.

Speaking of journaling, the BBC has a new miniseries, a remake of The Diary of Anne Frank. I love Anne Frank, I’ve read and reread her diary;  I’ve seen the ’50’s movie version based on the play, and the 2001 ABC remake.  This 2008 version is the best thus far.  You can watch all the episodes here.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Valley High”

  1. I used to love those composition notebooks as well. Very cool, or so I thought back in high school!

    I was never into SVH. The covers always put me off. And I watched the new adaptation of Anne Frank’s Diary. Really enjoyed it!

  2. OH MAN. The sagas were always my favorite ones.

    Except, then they started dipping kind of deep into the well… didn’t they have the Rollinses of Sweet Valley or some other character nobody ever, ever cared about?

  3. I quite remember my obsession to SVH and every series that came out when I was young. I guess it was somehow a phase that every teens went through, especially girls. Looking back, I only have fond memories of Winston, Jessica, Elizabeth, Todd and other characters’ adventures.

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