One more Nat Eaton

Three weeks ago, I was watching Tess of the D’Urbervilles on Masterpiece when another actor suggestion for Nat Eaton (Witch of Blackbird Pond casting) filtered in.  Add Eddie Redmayne to the list of possible actors that could play Nat Eaton in the hypothetical Witch of Blackbird Pond movie.

155_angel.jpg (JPEG Image, 155x170 pixels)
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He has a) a thin, wiry body b) sandy blonde hair c) blue eyes?
Okay, I can’t really make out his eye color in these pictures, but the point is, he can act!  All Nat Eaton prerequisites met. He’s gorgeous (he models for Burberry) and he has charisma.  What say you?  Nat or nay?

7 thoughts on “One more Nat Eaton”

  1. His facial structure reminds me a bit of Gaspard Ulliel’s but for some reason, though you say he can act, I just don’t see him as Nat Eaton.

    On another note, can some kind soul please PLEASE make a WOBP movie already??

  2. Okay, I can see the wimpy. He was a very gentle character in Tess, but he can be cruel and sarcastic if need be.

  3. I love this actor. He played Angel Clare perfectly.
    He would fit into Nat okish but there could be better…

    I think this guy would have been my perfect Edward Cullen…

  4. I completely agree!

    And you said you weren’t sure of his eye color.
    I’m pretty sure he has green eyes, but not positive.

  5. nay..Nat should be cuter with a certain boyish charm that makes your heart melt. This boy is …well not him.

  6. umm, no. i agree with kirra. he needs a boyish charm and a mischievious smile-this guy? not happening. he’s cute, but not it…sorry.

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