One more Jamie Fraser

It’s been a long time since I’ve played the Outlander casting game.

One commenter suggested Philip Winchester (NBC’s Robinson Crusoe). You’ve aced this one.

He’s in his mid to late twenties. He can act. Note the striking Viking features. Dye Winchester’s hair red, stick him in a kilt, it’s Himself!

Face him off against Richard Armitage (one of my top runners for Black Jack/Frank) and you’ve got an eye candy packed costume drama.

Seriously, am I a good casting director or what?


28 thoughts on “One more Jamie Fraser”

  1. Unfortunately, Philip Winchester was a horrible actor in Robinson Crusoe. If he just stood and looked pretty while someone else read his lines then that might be okay….and Richard is definitely Black Jack/Frank. He can totally pull of the good guy/bad guy thing with sex appeal to spare.

  2. Hated the Robinson Crusoe series, thougth Winchester was okay, but the everything about the program was terrible. However, he’s a beaut to look at and if he can act…. He might be a good Jamie. I still love Gerard Butler for the role — I know he’s older, but Jamie ages in the series, besides when he’s buffed up, he’s still plenty eye-candy and so very masculine.

    I wish they’d just get it going and make the Outlander series into an HBO series.

  3. Casting would be very hard. Most good leading men are either too old or just wimps. Where is Charleston Heston when you need him?

  4. Philip Winchester IS Jamie as far as what I gather from reading Outlander. The first time I saw him on a YouTube clip from Crusoe, my heart skipped a beat!! Really uncanny. I don’t believe they need to use a well-known actor for this role to try to “mold” him into Jamie. That just doesn’t work, especially since he’s been described in such detail in the book. Maybe for those who haven’t read the book it wouldn’t matter…but for those of us who are huge die-hard Outlander fans, I believe there would be a lot of disappointment if he’s not played out onscreen just as he is in the book.

  5. I love Richard Armitage – he would make a fantastic Frank / Black Jack. Philip Winchester looks like Jamie, but I haven’t seen him in action on TV yet so I reserve judgement!

  6. Has Kevin McKidd been diregarded? True Scot and fine actor. Enough intensity for Jamie too.

  7. My favorite actor for Jamie is Josh Halloway because of his looks and directness, and second choice is Henry Ian Cusik.

    The actors in the previous articles are pretty good, too. I echo the comments about Sean Bean-how about S. as Dougal?

  8. very good film
    congratulations you
    My English is bad.

    100, 200 series… please ..

    1. number Crouse

  9. I love Richard Armitage, and i hate that he plays the bad guy all the time, but you are right. He would be great as Randall.

  10. I’m not as computer savvy as some others and I’m not sure how to post my opinion without stepping on toes. But I’d like to share my thoughts:
    Jamie: David Wenham
    Claire: Rachel Weiss
    Geilee: Cate Blanchett
    Fergus: Olivier Martinez
    Frank/Jack: Jack Davenport
    Lord John: Jude Law
    Brianna: Kiia Waden
    Roger: Martin Henderson

    These are the ones I’ve decided on so far. Have a look at them and see what you think.

  11. Brianna – you are quite right on some of these ESP Brianna! WOW! Kudos. I would switch Jack Davenport for Roger and Richard Armitage for Jack Randall. 🙂

  12. I wonder if Jack Davenport could pull off 20 something? Richard Armitage would be a great Jack too. I have changed my mind on David Wenham since I realized his height. No where near tall enough. So I’m back on the hunt for Jamie again!

  13. Ok, I found my Jamie – Gerard Butler. He played Spartan in “300”. He’s tall, powerful and can pull off clean cut or roguish! He’s the one – check him out!

  14. And check out Sean Biggerstaff for Ian. Not sure about the rest of Jamie’s family though. I have heard that they put the film on hold because of funding. I would chip in a couple of bucks just to see this film made. Wouldn’t you?

  15. 🙂 GB is a popular choice out there as well, tho he looks rather aged now, having seen him in latest films, compared to that role and I wonder how he would pull off age 23… It’s easier to age someone than make them look younger. 🙂

    Yep, that’s a good Ian. I really do wonder if the film deal will go through. The pressure to pull it off is quite immense I think.

  16. I think they’ll need to find someone unknown for Jamie. A lot of these men could maybe pull him off but Jamie has a wide mouth and strong nose. None so far have been quite right. But then again, could any of them really be? I love Gerard Butler but he is not Jamie! I think though that he would make a perfect Rodger Mac.

  17. I would love to see Richard as Roger Mac…it would be nice to see him play a good guy…but I have to admit that he would be perfect for Black Jack…

    What about Grahame Wood for Jaime? (I hadn’t imagined Philip before, but he has the look)

    To be honest, I’m torn about them making a movie from the books-depending on who does the screen play and who directs it could be disastrous! But then again, to have these characters manifested in the flesh would just be fantastic!

  18. Sandy, I just peeked at your choices. I think Henry may make a great Ian (the father). But not for Jamie. Josh, I think may be just too gorgeous to be Jamie. I picture him with magnetism, but not quite so pretty. I’m still sold on Gerard Butler. And Jamie never really did look young if you remember. People aged quicker then and Jamie had already been through so much in his 23 years, a few worry lines would be suiting. Even if a movie is never made, it sure is fun casting!

  19. Over the years, I’ve thought long and hard about who would be the best person to portary Jaime in a movie. Here’s my best pick, though I think he’s a little old for the part, in my mind, he looks the most like Jaime……Kevin McKidd (Dr. Owen Hunt from Grey’s Anatomy

  20. Yes, sorry, Phillip Winchester doesn’t have the sparkle or presence!, Kevin McKidd, Gerard Butler, too old – Chris Hemsworth – Star Trek’s George Kirk – watch the first 12 minutes – he is Jamie – has the size and presence and Charisma (totally) as well as the emotional range and strength. Jason Isaacs Hands down for Black Jack (Frank is 15 years older than Jamie!) Claire needs to be someone who can connect with Chris (jamie) and that would have to be carefully cast.

  21. Actually, there is a 6’6″ Scot with a very strong accent & deep voice. He caught my attention while watching Alexander (with colin ferrell). The guy was towering over all the other soldiers, was very angry, very buff and very intense. Name is Rory McCann. The problems are, he’s 41, brown hair & brown eyes. I liked his acting in this scene, and I know he won an acting award in England, but watch Alexander again. It’s the part where Alexanders soldiers mutiny and some are executed. I think his name was Creteus or something like that.

  22. This works for me. As an avid fan and reader of this series, casting Jamie is the most important piece of the puzzle.
    I also think Chris Hemsworth is good as well.

  23. What about John Reardon, I saw him in The Son Of The Dragon, and in my opinion is a perfect Jamie.

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