Library Loot

Library Loot

1. Battle Royale—Koushun Takami

2. Someone Like You—Sarah Dessen

3. Dreadful Skin—Cherie Priest

First, I have to get through last weeks’ library loot before I tackle this weeks’ pile. Perhaps I should use all the library books I’ve accumulated to build a nifty reading fort? 

Also, confession time: Out of vanity, I surreptitiously…very surreptitiously…stroll behind laptop users at the library in the hopes that one of them is browsing my blog.  They’ll chuckle to themselves: “Oh, that TY has me rolling in the aisles! What crazy antics will she come up with next?” Or “The Lit Connection changed my life because it taught me how to read…for once I was lost, now I am found.” Little do they know, I’m right behind them and I AM The Lit Connection.  Muhahahah.

Okay, Amelie-esque moment.  A little delusional. Just a tad.  

Dang, I should have saved this confession for Post Secrets. 

Happy Reading! 


3 thoughts on “Library Loot”

  1. I like your loot. It’s more simple than mine. Dreadful Skin sounds like a great read! Can’t wait to see what you think of Battle Royale.

  2. The design of Dreadful Skin is really cool. It looks like a penny dreadful with those sketches you find in a Charles Dickens novel!

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