My Year of Collaging Dangerously

Now presenting the best (or worst) of my Polyvore book collages.  Prepare for a visual overload. Think of this as a palette cleanser before my next text heavy post. 

The China Garden

Jamie Fraser




Witch of Blackbird Pond

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Gemma Doyle



Story of a Girl

Pride and Prejudice

These Old Shades

Harriet the Spy

Willy Wonka


I Am the Messenger

Sweet Valley High

The Thin Man



4 thoughts on “My Year of Collaging Dangerously”

  1. Love your collages, esp. the Harriet the Spy one (just reread that book recently). And Willy Wonka, yum!

  2. Sadako: The Harriet the Spy one makes me hungry for tomato sandwiches. Because of Harriet, I’ve been lugging around a composition book since sixth grade. I don’t write mean stuff about other people though….

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