I’ve always thought Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) resembled a certain white rapper… 


Give Draco a few years… 


I’m not finished yet. Prepare to enter bizzarro world. These YA covers got the ole flip &  reverse treatment. 

 Remember Hanson from 10 years ago?   Mmmbop?  Three squeaky clean, commercially packaged brothers with the same hairstyle ring a bell? 

I guess we don’t have anything like that anymore… 

At least Hanson had Mmmbop going for them.  Er…not that I was a Hanson fan because Backstreet Boys ruled!  Not N’Sync. Not 98 Degrees (Gag. Gag.)  Backstreet Boys. There. I said it.  You gonna lose respect for me now? 

You know who ruled higher than Backstreet Boys in my estimation?  

Savage Garden.  That Darren had the voice of a castrated choir angel boy fallen from heaven… 

When I was fifteen, I use to listen to their Affirmation CD over and over again and sigh over how he “knew he loved her before he met her.”  I use to wish that dude I had a crush on in high school would send me a “I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You” singing Valentine but all I got was an “I’ll be there for you” (Title theme from Friends)…not from him, but from my friend, who knew my high school love life was D.O.A.  Le sigh…  

But then in college, I looked up that dude’s MySpace and saw how his cheese grater abs turned to pot so HA!   Stand back. Breaking into super fly Backstreet Boys dance…NOW. 

Okay, feel free to lose respect for me. 









9 thoughts on “Doppelganger”

  1. Re Draco — Wow, that’s amazing! I wonder if it the look/pose was intentionally imitating?

    And yes, I’m sorry to say, I’ve lost all respect for you…. BSB?! Haha, jk!

  2. Shari:

    Draco: Nope. I found the pictures on different days and then the uncanny resembalence clicked.

    I lost respect for myself. I didn’t want to mention in the post that I liked Nick Carter most of all… Now I’m so ashamed for my last of taste–in guys and music–especially since Nick Carter dated Paris Hilton and tatooed her name on his wrist (Barf).

  3. OMG! Savage Garden! My best friend in high school, who had a crush on me and I had a crush on him but we wouldn’t do anything about it, and now he’s gay (lmao) introduced me to them via “Crash and Burn.” Oh high school drama and angst!!! You have such a talent for bringing it back TY. 😀

    And the Draco/M&M resemblence is creepy. When he was younger, in the first movie, Draco looked JUST LIKE the male version of one of my cousins. She had the whole angelic look/evil underneath thing going on.

  4. Felton DOES look like Eminem! It ups his street cred quite a bit, let me tell ya.

    New Kids on the Block were the best – the others were just posers. Mark Wahlberg could take Nick Carter just by looking at that little wimp.

    Mmmbop was a good song – the only good one Hanson ever did. The Jonas bros. are icky, dontcha think?

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