Polyvore Overload

In which I dump my latest collage backlog (April to present)  for your viewing pleasure…

In the process, you’ll discover more about me, maybe more than you want to know…

Talk Nerdy To Me
I have a nerd fetish. Sexy nerds, of course.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, I lust after Highlanders like Jamie Fraser. I wish someone would combine the two: Nerdy Highlanders. Oooh la la!
Sunday in the Park
I’ve always wanted to host a tea party. I dream of being delicate like that…
Sunday in the Park by LitCon featuring Donna Karan dresses
Nothing to say here. I devised this collage around the shoes. I was twiddling my thumbs at work so I found a better way to utilize my hands…
Posh by LitCon on Polyvore.com
There’s a dandy in my sucktacular novel. He dons purple and swings a skull cap pimp cane like Mr. Peanut meets Willy Wonka.
Dandy by LitCon on Polyvore.com
I meant to include this in my Nefertiti review, but I forgot.
Reading Is Cool
Reading is KOOL! F**king A!
Reading Is Cool by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Sweep the Leg
Flavor of the week alert!  Remember when I started the ‘Sweep the Leg Manifesto’  in my search for the ultimate cool?   It, like my college degree, never took me very far…
Sweep the Leg by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Flavor of the week alert!  Steampunk is still cool and I’m still in search of the next great steampunk novel. Vampires suck, werewolves bite, but steampunk sets all my clogs and gears in motion.
Steampunk by LitCon on Polyvore.com
The Blitz
I can’t explain the purpose of this one. It has no purpose.
The Blitz by LitCon on Polyvore.com
2 Guys, 1 Dress
Cute boys. Ditto: No purpose.
2 Guys, 1 Dress by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Summer: my favorite season.  I like my weather HOT and STEAMY and SSSIZZLING.
Summer by LitCon on Polyvore.com
From my pulp dectective novel-fest.
We Have Always Lived in the Castle
My favorite phrase to say…in a demented, monotonous chant…”We Have Always Lived in the Castle.”
We Have Always Lived in the Castle by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Old Fashion Romance
No purpose. And I’m tired of coming up with one. And I’m hungry.
Old Fashion Romance by LitCon featuring Miu Miu
I’m still hungry…for Gaspard!
Purple by LitCon on Polyvore.com
The Perfect Red Coat
I own a perfect red coat. Aren’t you jealous?
The Perfect Red Coat by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Summer Lovin'
When will I ever visit Italy? I need to get out of this town!
Summer Lovin’ by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Haven’t tried archery, but like all things that requires precision and good eyes sight, I’d probably end up shooting someone in the butt.
Archer by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Puffy Skirts
Flavor of the week: Puffy Skirts. This is my favorite Marylin picture, too.
Puffy Skirts by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Summer Blues
Where is the purpose? I can’t find one.
Summer Blues by LitCon featuring Forever21
Peacock Green
I secretly dream of an invite to a masquerade ball…like in Gossip Girl!
Peacock Green by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Who Wants to Come to My Party?
This dress makes me drool..
Who Wants to Come to My Party? by LitCon on Polyvore.com
This dress makes my eyes roll in ecstasy.
Deco by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Time for a Trip
How long must these collages go on?
Time for a Trip by LitCon featuring Thread Social
Victorian Me Softly
These collages go on FOREVER!
Victorian Me Softly by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Color Clash
And now I’m starting to feel like I’m wasting my time coming up with ‘the purpose’…
Color Clash by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Bright Stars
Flavor of the week!
Bright Stars by LitCon on Polyvore.com
Lavender Summer
Flavor of the week! Bright star.
Lavender Summer by LitCon on Polyvore.com
4 Square
Finally! ‘Tis over. This really is an overload. I’m going to go gnaw on a drumstick. Bad idea to committ to a long post before dinner.
4 Square by LitCon on Polyvore.com

2 thoughts on “Polyvore Overload”

  1. I had a tea party for my 10th birthday! And my mom made me a dress that had a pink rose pinafore and creamy lacy collar/sleeves. It was awesome. 😀

    My favourites were the We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Peacock Green, and Victorian Me Softly.

    (And I’m totally jealous you own the perfect red coat. :p)

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