Who’s Hotter?

New Moon Posters


In my opinion: Jacob. Despite that lame tribal tattoo on his arm (he sooooo did NOT have tats in the novel! Or maybe he did. Maybe I just didn’t want to believe it… ), he’s got hip dips and dangerously low-riding jeans.

Edward, what’s up with the jacket? Now is not the time to be shy.  Show us your vamp titties!

There ya go…

More half-naked men.

Because I’m a self confessed perv, this looks like a gang rape waiting to happen.

5 thoughts on “Who’s Hotter?”

  1. I agree with you – this is like gang rape :S

    I don’t know if i’m going to watch this movie. I am so disapointed with the first

  2. I’m with ya, for sure! The only thing I don’t like about that Jacob kid is his nose, but I think that could EASILY be overlooked.

    Let the ravaging begin!

  3. I choose both.
    Jake is cute.
    Edward is HOT!
    And also, the movie should be better than the first, because of the change in directors.
    I can’t wait for it to come out!

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