Trailers, dresses, a banjo, and SVH

Don’t even try to make sense of today’s post. It’s my version of a hastily tossed together salad of all the pop culture/fashion I’m excited about this week. Flavor(s) of the week.

First off, the ‘Bright Star’ Trailer! As a big time Ben Whishaw fan, I’ve been looking forward to this movie since they released the screen caps. Based on the 3 year romance between 19th century poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne, which was cut short by Keats’ untimely death at age 25, the movie is directed by Jane Champion and stars B.W. and Abby Cornish.

Comic Con hosts New Moon preview. There are New Moon clips all over the internet. This one is the “Edward, noooooooo!!!!!! Don’t kill thyself!!!” scene. Okay, someone totally shot this with their cell phone, it’ll probably have a limited lifespan on YouTube, better watch now (if you care) before copyrighters crack the whip.

This week, I’m lusting after this Harlequin dress.

I’ve evolved from my jeans/T-shirt/sneakers days in high school into a fashionesta whose goal is to blind the unsuspecting pedestrian with bright flashes of color.  This dress reminds me of something an incredibly fashion-forward court jester would wear…

I’d pair it with these shoes. With an outfit like this, you’ll have the Joker wrapped around your body and your feet in Willy Wonka. Sounds wrong, but feels oh so right…. Does that entice you? Wink Wink.

So I’m thinking of taking up the banjo. Granted, I’m musically impaired, though I’ve been told that I sing a sorprano as beautifully as a castrated choir boy…

Why the banjo? Duh. Paul Newman played Plastic Jesus on the banjo in Cool Hand Luke, which IS the coolest movie ever!!!

Why the banjo? Because I love bluegrass!!!!

Why the banjo? Because you can buy one for under $200 on Amazon.

Why the banjo? Because every Tom, Dick, and Jane plays the guitar. You want an instrument that helps you stand out.

Why the banjo? Because Steve Martin is a banjo strumming masta!!!

We’ll see how long this banjo craze—a craze created by myself for myself—lasts.

The banjo. Think about it. If you, upon reading this post, take up the banjo and I fork over $200, we can play the banjo together and start up a traveling bluegrass band. Oh the coolness…

Finally, someone on Twitter expressed surprise that Sweet Valley High was a TV show. Yup. SVH TV ran Saturday mornings in 1995. 10 year old me watched it religiously.

Here are the opening credits; they are tres cheesy. The acting was as abonimable as the books’ writing. If you’ve got time to waste, you can also watch the first episode here.


8 thoughts on “Trailers, dresses, a banjo, and SVH”

  1. This post had me in giggles all through out.

    Preach it sista (and record us some fancy-feet-tappin’-dog-howlin’ bluegrass!)

  2. Christina: You better be sure Imma go whole hog with this banjo strummin’ idea of mine!!!

    J.T. Cool Hank Luke is more awesome than awesome is awesome.

  3. Ewe kin play the banjo and I kin play the washboard. That’ll raise the coolness factor considerably! Hoo-weee!

    We’ll have to wear straw hats and overalls, though. None of dem dere harlequin dresses fer us. We don’t want to our audience to think we’re a coupla clowns, now dew we?

  4. ‘Bright Star’ looks like it could be seriously awesome. I hope it is!

    And BANJOS! People give me a “huh” look when I go on and on about my love for them. Also, they make fun of my “banjolicious” tag on It’s good not to be alone.

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