Library Loot, Sinister Sexy, & Flick Me

Library Loot

My library loot for this week is a BIG deal: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins came in! I will be clearing my calender so I can have some alone time with this book. Thinking about hanging  a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on my bedroom door.

For the RIP IV challenge: Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink.

In other news, I’ve started a new movie review blog: Flick Me. Back in college, all we had were movie theaters and an infinite amount of free time. In short, I spent a  huge chunk of my life sitting in the dark; now I’m going to put those hours and my DVD player to good use. One day Roger Ebert will retire and I’ve set my eye on the throne. Okay, I started a movie review blog so I can cuss, zero in on hot guys, and sniff out silver screen whatthefuckery. Flick Me is pretty grassroot right now, but I aim to fill it full of snarky, smartass reviews. You do realize this means I can never read a book or watch a movie without pen and paper in hand, do you?

Speaking of hot guys. I believe I promised you a ‘Sinister Sexy’ post.

Here are a random assortment of actors with ‘sinister sexy’ face. I have a thing for villainy!

Draco Malfoy. I feel like a cougar for posting this, though, theoretically, Tom Felton and I are about the same age. I have a tendency to think of the Harry Potter actors as kids. Did I ever tell you that I’m on Team Malfoy?

No one can do ‘Sinister Sexy’ better than Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I think he’s got inner rage.

Ben Whishaw is no slack in the dark side department…

Observe Ben’s cold blooded sneer.  His face thrills and chills me.

Richard Armitage looks like he’s about to flash someone and I’m about to let him! R.A. is the king of the penetrating gaze.

James Dean looks like the devil.

The following James Dean picture doesn’t qualify as ‘sinister’ but it is ‘sexy’ and ‘dark & brooding.’ Turbulent. Plus, it’s just a thinly veiled excuse to post more James Dean pictures.  He’s got to be the most photogenic actor ever! Dude cannot take a bad photo.

I hope these pics made your day, it’s certainly made mine.

11 thoughts on “Library Loot, Sinister Sexy, & Flick Me”

  1. I have never found The Malfoy attractive until now and I BLAME YOU. I am still, however, 100% TeamWeasley.

    Also, James Dean, hot damn. I once got my sister a James Dean calender for Christmas and, like any sensible person, she refused to use it as a calendar and just pulled it apart to plaster an entire wall with Deanism. ALL OF THE PHOTOS AT ONCE.

  2. Errr…I’ve only seen the first HP movie, so I was totally taken aback by this pic of Malfoy. And I can’t believe I’m the same age as him-creepy.

    I totes think James Dean did sell his soul to the devil; it explains his life story so well!

    And DUDE, you had to include Richard Armitage!!! Now I want to spend the rest of the afternoon rewatching North and South on Netflix instant watch.

  3. But why, oh why, does the Sinister look often equal the I Smell Something Bad look? Because those first three totally give me that impression and my husband and I always joke about Malfoy having extra-special smelling sense since he often looks like Hogwarts smells like a hog with warts.

    I agree with James Dean though. 😉

  4. Hey! For your movie reviews, have you ever seen Twelve Monkeys? Get it, see it! 😀

    About all of the guys; yeah, I never really liked Malfoy as much as I could have I think. I’d find him having potential, but then especially the last book he just went boring and didn’t do anything cool and life-threatening, he wasn’t even at the battle of Hogwarts (if I remember correctly! I read it three times but now it’s a little foggy). But then again he wasn’t supposed to be too attractive probably.. I read somewhere JK didn’t understand how girls liked him since he was supposed to be an evil douchebag, and somehow girls always seem to think evil is actually good (or somehow they are cool enough to turn the cute evil guy into sweet!) HOWever, in real life, evil douchebags, probably usually stay evil douchebags….

    I’ve always found Jonathan Rhys Meyers very very cute and the accent as well wow! I’ve only properly seen him in a few movies though (I like to think of myself as a movie/book lover but I usually forget I haven’t even seen that many or read all I should!) also this soccermovie and saw a small part of him looking slightly gayish with long hair in that movie Alexander (Colin Farrel had the most horrible Wilders hair though YUCK).. I saw a clip of The Tudors though which I HAVE to see. Oh how I love british accents and castles and dresses and stuff.. Proper like Jane Austen or not..

    Richard Armitage has the best gazes… I have been a Spook fan since I first saw the first season on dutch telly (and fell for the dude who is also in Pride and Prejudice 2005, just something about the whole spy and life-threatening and smarts which is soo, sexy! I had a series of daydreams afterwards featuring me as a cool intelligent gunwielding spy who saves all of the world or just Holland and England from russian terrorists and stuff.. even found out how to join the AIVD which is similiar to the MI5! They only had a few “boring” job openings though.. or they just didn’t say “looking for someone who is not afraid of blood and bomb-count downs”) Uhm was talking of Richard, yes he’s the new leader in the new season of Spooks.. which I have yet to see but should be amazingly cool! Seen North and South but was somehow less touched by it than I had thought.. maybe because deaths seemed to pile up in the last episode, but maybe I need to see it again because I was busy with other stuff in between the episodes.

    James Dean I don’t really know actually.. Maybe I’m too young to know him properly in movies.. However, I heard his name through (I heard his name before, but now again) searching for some info on the movies another James, James Franco did. James Franco is my new actorcrush or something, I’ve been seeing this serial Freaks and Geeks which is really REALLY cool and funny and great, in which he is really very irresistible even if he is still a manipulating asshole. He doesn’t look sinister though, he has a wicked smile like a cheshire cat.

    And may I recommend this book my brother got me a while ago which is amazingly blue on ALL SIDES called Popco by Scarlett Thomas! It’s really fun, I know all about codes now! The main character is a cool woman who knows she’s weird, the end is somewhat less I think but… read it :)!

  5. Oh, I am ALL about the sinister sexiness! Jonathan Rhys Meyers definitely has The Look down. I’m totally obsessed with “The Tudors” and, yes, I have to chalk up a lot of my devotion to the series to his hot mug. Even as a greasy King Henry in the most recent seasons, I can’t quit him!

    Will you think less of me if I admit that yes, Draco Malfoy is cute, but I’m actually all about Ron? I think of them as kids, too, though I’m 24 — and I know I’m not terribly older than them. Am I?

  6. I am so in love with James Dean! Ever since I learned who he actually was when I was a kid. I even wrote a microfiction story about him based on my own experiences with a poster of him…

    Great post! I love a good perve 😉

  7. I think I definitely am adding your blog to the list of those I follow. You put smoking hot pictures all over it, how could I resist?

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