Team Gale vs. Team Peeta

A few days ago, I finished reading Catching Fire, Book 2 of Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games trilogy. It was so good that it blew my mind all over YOUR face. If you haven’t read The Hunger Games, you better hop on the bandwagon. I’m going to cyber bully you until you do. I’m not just recommending, I am shaking a virtual fist. Do. It. Read. It. Love. Me. For. Introducing. You. To. The. Awesome.

You won’t regret it. These book are the most exciting books I’ve ever read IN MY LIFE—so fan-freakin’-tastic, in fact, that I am hereby taking  a week off reading so I can pick the pieces of my brain off your face.  Point in fact, I got my brother, a reluctant reader who said, and I quote “I hate reading” to read The Hunger Games. I had to PAY him money to read it and he still wouldn’t do it so I cornered him and read aloud to him until my voice grew hoarse and I couldn’t continue and he’s all “Please don’t stop! You were right, I was wrong. I’m not worthy!”

See the lengths I will go to pimp this book?

Because Catching Fire left me in a catatonic state, and the only adjective in my vocab. bank is ‘awesome,’ I’m putting my reviews on the back burner in favor of something less taxing: pretty pretty pictures.

Let’s pick teams, shall we? For simplicity sake, I’m going to leave my Team affiliations out of this post until my review. Just a clue: Gale appeals to the Lord of the Flies part of me who likes to hunt and feast on red meat. While Peeta has that noble messiah thing going for him, I felt like he ah…left his balls with his baked goods. *Ducks ninja darts thrown by Team Peeta.*

Whether you’re Team Gale or Team Peeta, hot guy photos will unite us all!

Refresh my memory: did Gale or Peeta take off their shirts?  They do in my version!

I see Gale as a young Henry Cavill. Dark hair, tall and lean, capable hands, square jaw: the man is a work of art!

As for Peeta, I pick British actor/model Alex Pettyfer. He’s no slacker in the chiseled abs department.

Let’s not forget Katniss. I pick Lucy Griffin (Maid Marian from Robin Hood). She’s the perfect combo of English Rose and chick-kicks-butt.

*Buttons taken from Galleysmith


173 thoughts on “Team Gale vs. Team Peeta”

  1. With those pictures, I’m team Gale! (even though I haven’t read the book). I ❤ Henry Cavill.


  2. That’s some awesome dedication, force-feeding the book to your brother!

    I haven’t read the books yet, (I know! I know! I’m waiting for my TBR to get smaller), but this picture post was as toothsome as always.

  3. I love your choices for actors! I know that Suzanne Collins is working on the screenplay for the first movie and can’t wait to see who they end up with!

  4. **pockets ninja darts**

    I’ll breath a dreamy sigh for the casting choices. Though I don’t know your choice for my fair Peeta I will admit (with uber super-duper reluctance) that Henry Cavill could possibly, kinda, sorta. MAYBE sway me to **hushed whisper** team gale.

    **runs to shower the dirty off**

  5. I am patiently waiting for the right time to read Catching Fire, preferably when I’m not preoccupied with bothersome things such as college and life in general.

    I don’t think I’ll be visiting this site too much during this semester as it proves too distracting in the male eyecandy department.

  6. Love your casting choices! 🙂

    I’m just starting Catching Fire so I’m going to have to wait till I finish it to pick a TEAM…. 🙂

  7. Yikes okay okay I’ll read them! You’ve scared me into it. Before I choose a team though, I’ll just sit here and look at these pics (if it was based solely on these I’d have to be Team Gale)^^

  8. Um, have I mentioned lately that I love you? It’s rare to find someone else who is all about the literary boy hotness! And it ABOUNDS!

    Henry Cavill? I give that endorsement my own stamp of approval! Holy heaven, he’s definitely a masterpiece. I think he’d be a great Gale, though I’m concerned about his current age… although I’m probably picturing him from “The Tudors,” where he’s a burly older guy now. But that’s probably Hollywood magic. Maybe?

    I’m liking our candidate for Peeta, too. I’ll take both. Waiter? Check, please!

  9. Just discovering (and loving) your blog through BBAW. I haven’t read Hunger Games, but now I really have to. I’m easily frightened, and that fist thing is going to haunt me! Everyone seems to love the book (and sequel).

  10. Team Gale all the freaking way.
    Peeta is just too whiny and needy.
    Sweet and wonderful, yes. But I get annoyed with him. He has the same effect on me that Edward from Twilight did. Somehow completely perfect and worthy just bores me.

  11. PS You’re breakdown of each made me smile and honestly is pretty accurate:
    I can’t stop giggling at the “left his balls with the baked goods.”




  13. Haha hehehe hohoho “I felt like he ah…left his balls with his baked goods.” HECK. YES.

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud this early Tuesday morning.

  14. Ok… this is a little scary:
    I finished reading Catching fire a couple of days ago and I’ve been navigating through the internet searching for opinions, blogs…well…anything really! It is an amazing book and I can’t get it off my mind!!!
    And suddenly, I find this page. And guess what?
    I’ve always pictured Gale as a young Henry Cavill!! So this little coincidence just made me happy 🙂 ….and lately everything related to the Hunger games does…
    I guess you know this by now but Team Gale all the way.
    And…Henry Cavill is just …perfect.

  15. Im team gale all the way. Gale is the best in the best in the book but i still think peeta would be a good best friend

  16. I fell in love with THG a while back and read catching fire as soon as I could. I am 100% team Gale. I am in love with him and it’s plain to see that he and Katniss are literally made for one another.

  17. If I were to pick based solely off of the picks, I would be team Gale… However, I read the books and I am entirely team Petta (sorry, the actor you picked for him doesn’t appeal to me). I love how much he loves Katniss… That is all I can really say.

  18. OMG I love these books to they are amazing. And I am Team Gale all the way HE IS HOT (i would love to kiss that guy) But the book is much more intense and amazing than a movie will ever be. By the way you picked the best actors and actress that I have seen so far so keep up this amazing blog.


    He’s so pertyful.

    Hmm.. I think Henry Cavill is PERFECT for Gale, Katniss’ actress… Maybe. And Alex Pettyfer for Peeta? Sure. But they’d all be older now so they wouldn’t look sixteen years old…
    But i can’t come up with anything better.

  20. I give you the fistieses back (my language for fist)! Amazin that you force read to your bro! Still waiting for my copy!!!! So so so so can’t wait! But on the pics alone (and my already preconcived notions cuz I got friends who tell me) I’m on TEAM PEETA! Gosh he’s so cute and sweet! Plus he reminds me of close friends. He totally desirves Katniss!

  21. EVERYONE MUST READ THESE BOOKS! They’re amazing! 😛 I’m on team Gale. Sadly only one of my friends agree. I still think Peeta would be an amazing friend.

  22. […] Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Katniss is a 16 year old girl living in a post-apocalyptic America that is ruled by an all-powerful, all evil, totalitarian regime. Once a year the government throws the Hunger Games, an elaborately televised game of survival in which 24 children from the country’s 12 districts are chosen at random to fight against each other to the death. When Katniss takes her little sister’s place in the games, she quickly finds herself in a world where “Survivor” meets Lord of the Flies (with a smidge of a love triangle thrown in for good measure!) Though considered a Young Adult title, Hunger Games should in no way be relegated to just the tween shelf. There is already a sequel, Catching Fire, and the final book in the trilogy will be out this summer. Go Team Peeta! […]

  23. Christian Serratos would be PERFECT ABOSULETLY PERFECT for the role of CINNA!~~ 🙂

  24. Based on these pictures, it would be team Gale.


    Since I have read the books, it’s going to have to be team Peeta. Woo! Team Peeta!

  25. I really love the actors that you picked. The choice for Gale is perfect, but I imagined Peeta and Katniss a little differently. I am definitely Team Peeta all the way. He deserves Katniss.

    katniss & peeta perfect coupleeeeee.
    i love them.
    can't wait for the 3rd book & the movieeeeee 😉

  27. Peeta! No literary character has made me fall so in love. I love that he’s so lovable. Funny and warm, noble, humble, adorable, loving, brave, sweet, and charismatic.

  28. Gale! DUH!!! oh please Peeta all soft and teddybear-ish AND Katniss already said that “Gale is mine. I am his. Anything else is unthinkable.” (Page 117 Catching Fire). GO GALE!

  29. TEAM PEETA!!! He is so sweet and cute and humble! I mean he risked his life for Katniss! Gosh! He is sooooooooooooooooo sweet and romantic!!!!!

  30. I’m so team petta. but i didn’t imagen him as how you thought. i was thinking more tall and big as in musclent. but i get the inpresen like gale is edward from twilight and petta in jacob. gale seem alittle moody to me. lol i love petta intervie in catching fire. but i think ther sould be one cange. when petta goes “i would if it wasn’t for the baby” then it sould add “then ther was a loud clunk from districk 12 as katnis’s mother faints” lol.

  31. Team Gale!! Y? CuZ went peeta “died” I burst out laughing but when Gale was whipped I cried longer than I did when RUe died in Katnisses arms

  32. Peeta: William Moseley OR Ed Speleers
    Gale: Henry Cavill
    Cinna: Joseph Fiennes or Adoni Maropis
    Katniss: Someone without soft features, except a slight softness in eyes. Honestly, I think I could do it, especially with my background in Archery. 🙂

  33. ok these books made me want to scream at the end of them. I was breathless at the same time. I really didn’t want them to stop where it ended!!!!!

    I am team peeta, he is just all around a-mazing! He loves Katniss sooooo much he’s adorable has amazing talents (paint and baking) he’s noble and humble and just the perfect guy….too bad he’s fictional 😦 I wouldn’t mind gale though!

    I pictured both guys and katniss different. Oh but I do have the perfect! Rue- Ciara Bravo perfect and looks just how I imagined her! look her up I swear you’ll agree. Oh btw I love how you got your bro into the series I’d do the same but my siblings r older then me so 😦

    to wrap it up (sorry for being long) Katniss can have Gale…but I call dibs on Peeta! 🙂 😉

  34. absoluetly awesome choices!
    i’m already a…
    TEAM GALE fan, and these pictures deepen my fangirliness!
    Peeta though, is very HAWT choice ( isn’t he the guy in that movie thats coming up…beastly?)
    can’t wait for the movie & the next book!
    ~team gale4eva~

  35. i am team Peeta! i absolutely LOVE Peeta! i think he is the perfect person for Katniss and i hope they get together in the 3rd book! just finished reading the second book and i love it! woooooo!
    TEAM PEETA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. But, i would also like to say that even tho i am a “TEAM PEETA FOREVER!!!” fan, i think that if Katniss does end up with Gale, i think id be ok with that. i mean like, id be dissapointed and all, but i think he could be a good person for her too. MAY TEAM PEETA LIVE ON!!! i really hope Katniss will end up with Peeta. i cant express how much i love the first and second book, cant wait for the third! TEAM PEETA FOREVER!!! (i hope hes hawt in the movie, or i will be mad and dissapointed!)

  37. TEAM GALE! ’cause bread just don’t cut it. I don’t understand why everyone’s team Peeta. Sure, Peeta’s nice and all, but I never really trusted him.
    Besides, Gale is too awesome to ignore. He was my favourite character right away 🙂

  38. I think that all the actors are perfect for the characters and of course I am Team Peeta!!
    ❤ 🙂

  39. i am sooo team peeta!!!!! ❤ i like the choices of characters and i cant wait untill the next book arives. i read both of the first bokks in two days. i am also in middle school soo its pretty impresive. i love you for making this site!!!!! HAIL YOU!

  40. alright, i like peeta because i dont know gale very much and he hasnt given a great impression upon me so far.i know that peeta is over the top for katniss but hes just so sweet and caring and head over heals for her! katniss has never really thought about guys at all really so shes pretty confused. and the times that she has had the chance to go for gale she hasnt and then peeta comes in and everythiing changes. i dont think katniss knows where she stands between them. but if suzanne collins has gale be the one for katniss i would definetley need to get to know him better. and if she does choose gale what happens to peeta? peeta will not just get over katniss. collins cant kill him off. that would be the worst! so im just going to have to wait for the next book… who knows whats going to happen.

  41. TEAM PEETA!!!!! Your review made me laugh so hard, I especially loved your reaction to my ninja darts 🙂 I’ll try not to kill you though.
    I adore Peeta! And I cried, like a lot, when I thought he died, and I’m still crying over my Cinna!!! If he’s dead I’ll… I’ll… grrrrrr… my poor Cinna and my poor Peeta!
    I was so upset when he lost his leg. Besides I don’t really see why people pick Team Gale, we all know she’s going to end up with Peeta.
    NO offense everybody, but the books wouldn’t even really make SENSE if she ended up with Gale…
    The books are all about Peeta and Katniss’s blooming relationship…. though I will admit Peeta has been a bit of stalker 0.o
    I love you, Peeta!!!!

  42. Ahhh!!! I LOVE The Hunger Games books!!! I read them both in about two days, and I don´t remember a book that bugged me, but that I loved, more!!!

    At first, I didn´t know if I wanted Katniss to be with Gale or with Peeta, but after reading them both I´m…

    TEAM PEETA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Team Peeta… He has given Katniss everything there ever was to offer and I know she loves him so it has to be or I swear I may throw Mockingjay in the trash.

  44. I just pre-ordered the third book and i so cant wait for it to come out. i am team peeta, as u already know from my earlyer posts. TEAM PEETA FOREVER!!!

  45. Team Peeta for life. Come on, think about it, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire combine for a page count of about 900 pages, Gale is in about fifty, if that, and Peeta is in probably over 800, face it, we don’t know Gale as well as Peeta. Katniss and Peeta have endured so much together and talking about Katniss and Gales years of hunting won’t make up for it because we don’t see this, she just occasionally talks about it. Peeta is not the best friend, he is the one who declared his love on national television, beat that Gale.

  46. Team Peeta all the way! Okay, but I do love Gale. I just like him with Madge. I don’t know why, I just read some fanfictions with them together and fel in love with the idea. On a totally unrelated topic, I’m a fan of Prim/Rory too. For anyone who dosen’t know who Rory is, he’s Gales younger brother.

  47. TEAM GALE ALL THE WAY!!! He has been with Katniss 4evr and they know eachother so well… everyone loves Petta and that bugs me because obviously Gale is the better choice. And I have never really trusted Petta and his I loved you since I first saw you bit. And with the bread I think he is just a really nice guy. But GALE is better for Katniss all they way!!! GO TEAM GALE!!!

  48. Well, I love the choices for Gale and Katniss…but not so sure about Peeta. I love Peeta, in fact, I want a Peeta of my own. The actor for him needs to look…a bit more soft I guess. I loved these books too, I just finished Catching Fire and almost cried when I found that I have to wait about a month to know the ending. Grrr, but I can’t wait. Hopefully the movie will be as amazing as the books, I don’t want the movie to ruin the addicting effect the book had on me. I love Hunger Games and may the odds ever be in your favor(:

  49. LOVE the BOOKS!!!!!! 😀
    The picks are awesome except Katniss, I think someone undiscovered should play her.
    And as for the Team thing, I’m Team Peeta!!!!
    I don’t agree with you calling Peeta weak,
    The book specifically says he’s not physically weak, and I don’t think he’s weak in any other aspect either. My friends say he’s a wimp because all he does is think about Katniss, but I don’t think being in love means you’re a wimp at all. That depth of emotion isn’t wimpy.
    and he keeps risking his life for her, multiple times! If you were in his place, would you be willing to die for someone? that takes guts.
    I don’t know why some people don’t trust him, does that mean you think he is on the Capitol’s side, if you do, here’s my respose, NO. Peeta lost his leg to the Capitol, so that’s impossible because he hates them.
    Peeta loves Katniss more than anything and she’s just too clueless to see it, but at the end of catching fire, SPOILER DONT READ IF YOU HAVENT READ CATCHING FIRE: Katniss says she lost the will to live after his capture by the Capitol, so I think that she might have feeling for him too and I hope she realizes it.
    Gale waited to say “I Love You,” until she was back from the Games, they have been friends since for so many years, why didn’t he say it before? Because he was scared, Unlike Peeta who said it in front of millions of people on Live Television. And is it his fault he was born with a father who owned the bakery? No.
    Of course, this is my opinion and I like Gale too but nowhere near as much as Peeta.

  50. OK first things first i love the hunger games trilogy and so do people i know, but IT IS NOT TWILIGHT PEOPLE, what is up with all this team gale team peeta stuff but, i am not saying i dont like the books i love catching fire and the hunger games but i am not for the “team” stuff. IT IS NOT TWILIGHT


  52. Team Gale all the way! He’s strong and fast and capable and mysterious and .. I dunno, a real MAN! The kind you would want for a bf or husband.
    Peeta is a whiny clingy little girl. He’s always professing his love for her and being all lovey-dovey, it gets annoying. I agree, he has no balls. He’d be a great friend, but not a love interest for Katniss!
    I can see both of the actors you chose being Gale, but I picture Peeta being more soft and ..doughy. Like angelic-looking but not manly-lookin’.
    I’ll be so disgusted if she ends up witH Peeta and not Gale!

  53. You are amazing!!!! And I loveeeeeeeee hunger games, I forced my mom to read it by giving her the book and staring at her until she finishes a chapter. Another ah-mazing series is The Mortal Instutments Trilogy, just to throw out there!
    Though I’ll say I’m not big about Alex pettyfer for peeta, he doesn’t look sweet to me, he reminds me of Jace (mortal instruments). He looks too full of himself. Peeta is just sweet ❤

  54. i wanted katniss to end up with gale in movkingjay, but i guess gale found himself a girl of his own in mockingjay

  55. I was on team gale………….all the way. like…. completley! but im sure we all read mockingjay…. i mean sure we knew peeta better…. but katniss knew gale better, and the best relationships are built on friendship.

    If only he finished his sentence in The Hunger Games…everything would of been TOTALLY different…
    (and remember i-)

  56. Team Gale all the way!
    Peeta annoys me. He’s a creeper and a stalker. Oh, and he’s supposed to be fat! That’s how they described him in the first book!

  57. I’m reading Mockingjay and I absolutely loved the other 2 books. I’m so TEAM PEETA, he’s such a protector and loves KATNISS to pieces, but I still have MAD LOVE for GALE; his love for KATNISS is just unconditional and she loves him just as much and doesn’t have to convince herself that she loves him. This Triangle they have going on just drives me BONKERS, but I’m loving every minute of it!!
    Like the tshirts say: “Peeta can frost my cupcakes anytime”
    And my tshirt will say: “Gale can catch me in his snares anyday”

  58. Just finished reading the MockingJay. I was a little disapointed with the end but it was still a great book 🙂

  59. Ok, seriously. Just because an actress is holding a bow and arrows doesn’t mean they could be Katniss. I totally agree with the Gale and the Peeta options though. Just because a chick can hold a bow for their headshot doesn’t mean they would be the perfect Katniss.

  60. I read the books, and I JUST finished Mockingjay and had a mental breakdown at the end. I was crying, hollering for more, and acting like an addict. I AM addicted to the hunger games. It is amazing and I love it. I will re-read that series a million times in my lifetime- I plan on it. 😉

  61. TEAM PEETA!!!!!! I love that character, even though he IS a little girly, I found him artistic and attractive. 🙂 PEEETAAA is the team I am going with btw.

  62. Gale I find a little too….meh. Like I understand that they are friends and such, but he is an ally. Not a lover. In my opinion, that is EXACTLY what peeta is. He is a lover, and that is what Katniss needs, a lover, not someone who poesses the same hate and fear that she has. That only fuels the fire, she needs a calming in her life. Somewhere her heart can be, not be bow.

  63. All of you that said team gale…….. ARE FREKIN CRAZY! Yes he is hot but hes not sweet like peeta is. And if you have read catching fire you know that katniss and gale arent very close any more. And you would also know that Peeta and Katniss share a bed on the victory tour! Well im team peeta all the way! Oh and p.s when you said Peeta left his balls with the baked goods thats a lie. I mean he wouldnt have taken Haymitches place in the Quarter Quell if he didnt have balls!

  64. Team Peeta all the way! And btw hes not Fat who ever wrote that is a LOSER! Sorry but its true! Love the actors! My friend said she would never read the series when i told her the basics of what its about. And guess what i forced her to read the first 2 chapters and just after 2 she was in love with the books. Now shes a hunger games junkie like me and now her whole family is reading it. I lert them borrow my copy of mockingjay. Btw i forced my mom to buy it for me the day i came out, i payed 29 dollors for it. Well i hope the movie isnt as horrible as the first twilight was!
    ps me and my friend made shirts that says im in love with the boy with the bread!

  65. Well I feel a little weird because it’s been almost a month since anyone’s posted a comment but I NEED somewhere to rant about my love for TEAM PEETA!!!!!! Why? Because it’s obvious that Katniss wants to stay in the ‘friend zone’ with Gale and whenever they moved out of it Katniss would get all weird and start thinking about Peeta again. Also does Peeta know how to make pita bread? Because if he did that would be SO FRICKIN’ AAWESOME I WOULD DIE! Lulz okay bye and remember I only finished The Mockingjay like 2 days ago. I am a total n00b.

  66. Sadly, I am Team Peeta as well. I just hate Gale, and the more I hate Gale, the more I like Peeta so here I am, fangirl-obsessing over him. I’ll go to the mall and see if I can find some “Team Peeta” shirts for y’all.

    And Alex Pettyfer is sexy. He’s British, though, so his accent would be weird. Lucas Till would be alright but he’s not as epic as Alex.

  67. Oh, by the way. He’s not fat. He’s stocky. >:U Gale, on the other hand, has STUBBLE. I do not respect a man with stubble.

  68. katniss knew gale longer than peeta. I just think it would be more natural and expected for gale and katniss to be together, but peeta is such a sweet boy that she could be with either of them. It really is hard to think about either of them with a different girl. I think they are both great guys, but, sorry to team peeta, i choose team gale. They were just meant for each other, the games were the only thing that changed ANYTHING.

  69. i tried to like peeta cuz im friend spoiled the ending for me.
    but the last book ruined peeta for me.
    It feels like the only thing ii liked about him (his sweetness) disappeared.
    and i always did like gale

  70. 🙂 My faviorite part of hunger games- don’t read this if u haven’t read the book!!!- is when kattiniss pushes peeta into the urn and she starts freaking out! And I love the cave part where she kisses peeta 🙂 peeta is gonna be hot if that’s who plays him in the movie!

  71. P.s. all yallz who are team gale- WRONG!!!!! Katiniss choses peeta and they do not share a bed on the victory tour peeta just hears katiniss screaming herself awake and comforts her until she falls asleep again and I guess peeta just stays in her room. Gale lives in district 2. Just so ya know. Peeta is romantic and sweet and he’s sometimes humorous too. TeAm PeEtA!!!

  72. TEAM PEETA!!!!!!!!!!! I have read all the books and they are like the best books I have EVER READ!!!!!! I would have been so angry if she ended up with Gale cause we barely even know anything about him. We know way more about Peeta. He’s everything a girl would ever want. He’s smart, funny, and romantic… HE’S PERFECT!!!! Yeah so all of you that are on Team Gale can have him… but the boy with the bread is MINE!!!

  73. P.S. did anyone else cry when Finnick died in Mockingjay? I thought it was so sad. I was also crying when Prim died. My brother told me to get over it cause it was just a book. But I’ll do what you did and read it aloud till he’s obsessed. Just thought I’d mention again… Team Peeta all the way!!

  74. Sorry I keep posting on here but I found this fanmade trailer and it is really good. The actress they have for Katniss is the best match I have found so far so take a look at it!

  75. i agree with you on the actors but im not satisfied. I CAME HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT TEAM YOUR ON!!!!!! Persioly, i’m on team finnick, wich doesn’t mean the acual amazing finnick but someone that looks and acts just like him that is ALMOST as amazing and ALMOST as beautiful, just her age

  76. i agree with you on the actors but im not satisfied. I CAME HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT TEAM YOUR ON!!!!!! Persioly, i’m on team finnick, wich doesn’t mean the acual amazing finnick but someone that looks and acts just like him that is ALMOST as amazing and ALMOST as beautiful, just her age finnick rox i have to rite ramdom stuff so i can put this on your website!!@!!!!!!! i love finnick and would marry him if he was real im starting a hunger games world in my town make it the most bout on the kindle!!!!!!

  77. sorry about all the stuff i rote thougt it would show up on to n i was like WTF WERE IS IT!

  78. Every girl who picks Peeta is a lesbion. He obviously has no balls. He is a whiny privlaged annoying brat who has stalked Katniss practically his who life. He convently admits he loves her so she can save his incapable pathetic butt in the games. He is a girl his hobbies are baking, painting, and snuggleing. He has to constantly be saved and will have to be taken care of the rest of his life. He does not support the revoultion and is constantly lieing. He is a phony and is just using Katniss. Plus Gale has had her back her whole life and always been there for her. Gale can fight side by side with Katniss and is an asset not a liability. If Katniss gets hurt Gale could support her Peeta could not. Gale is not a scardy cat and does not shy away from conflict like Peeta. Gale is also has street smarts. Peeta has dumb luck. When he picked those posionous berries in the first Games like a retard he could have killed himself. He has no knowledge of how to survive on his own. He is always throwing himself at Katniss for the cameras and is a great actor but we don’t know what if any of his feelings are genuine. Gale is a revoutionary who would back Katniss all the way. Also Gale and Katniss are much more compatible than Peeta and Katniss. I have a fiery personality similar to Katniss and I can’t stand to be around spineless weak personalities like Peeta. Gale is also smarter he can create stratigies but also actually fight. Peeta can do niether. Gale can create intricate traps out of practically nothing and catch food and Peeta can what, make you some bread if you provide him with all the ingrediants? Mockingjay only proves my point when all three of them are fighting there way through the capitol Peeta is a hassle once again. I like when Peeta goes crazy in the last book. When everyone is battleing through the capitol several people advise the Peeta should be killed. The ending to this series was extremely out of charcter for Gale. The end was rushed and it is evident that Suzanne Collins although a fabulous writer was just getting rid of Gale. She could find a way to do this in charcter because Gale would not have done that. Finally Gale is much hotter and better liked in district 12. Peeta is stocky which is gross. Gale is lean muscle. Team Gale!!!

  79. TEAM GALE ALL THE WAY!!! I started The Hunger game last night and im already on page 190 of Catching Fire…. You could say I love these books. I think gale is better because he and Katniss have been best friends through it all and I dont think she loves Peeta like she loves Gale. I think she wants to be in love with both but knows she loves Gale more. I think the whole pretending to love Peeta is turning her off tho 🙂 but im kind of in love with this book

  80. i hate how the series ends. katniss and gale are meant for each other. they’ve known each other for forever. in the books peeta sounds good but it’s almost maybe like their forced to love each other. i ♥ GALE. all the way babee. if you haven’t read the books you need to read them. they are amazing. i even got my sister to read them and she never reads. i know danielle chuchran HAS to play the part for her. i hope the movie is as good as the books.

  81. also savanna lewis would be great for a part in the movie. she plays rue in the short film but she could play a great prim.

  82. augh…
    I cant believe I spent 18 bucks on “mockingjay”!

    I mean serriously! PEETA SUX OK?!?!?! well i guess it’s not really his fault that he sux because Suzanne Collins is the one who wrote everything stupidly like that…
    well i can see how her imagination got to the stupid hijacked thing but serriously!!!!!!!!!!!
    and does she really have to make Gale look so good in the beginning of Mockingjay and then make Peeta so stupid and then make Katnis choose PEETA!!!
    since my friend spoiled the ending i was trying not to be dissapointed but I CANT HELP IT IF PEETA’S SO STUPID!

    and i really hate Katnis now too…”Yes, we should have another hunger games…for prim” …yeah right, Prim wouldnt even want that!
    and it was like “I vote yes because I heard President Snow has a granddaughter”…so now it’s the GRANDDAUGTHER’S FAULT!?!?!?!

    You know I really hate Katnis’s charactaristics and the lesson of the whole series…it’s basically “let’s be a player and play with hot guy’s hearts and kill people because they killed us and revenge revenge and revenge”

    ever heard of forgiving people!

    well reasonablly there is no good way to end this story since Suzanne Collins made it so complicated…the best way is just to kill all three of them, but does she? no..instead she kills the actual good people like Prim and Finnick! -_-

    I use to love this series but now it just sucks

  83. When I read the Hunger Games, I fell in love. Yes, my friend and I did laugh about “Catnip” at first, but we also thought that was pretty mean of Gale. I mean, Gale is alright and everything, and through Catching Fire I was like, “What? What just happened? I had a nice thought about Gale. What??????.”

    I was as confused as Katniss. It just depends on what kind of person you are. I know we all love bad boys, but I don’t like the guy that was always a girl’s favorite. I would prefer the subtle handsomeness underneath that hotness that just says, “player.” I mean, Peeta was kind and gentle, and maybe that’s not what survived in that world, but what Katniss needed was not fury to match her own, it was hope. Opposited attract, though people alike stay together much better, or so I’ve heard.

    And besides, Peeta was BRAINWASHED to kill Katniss, and he came back from that and still loved her. Which is like, amazing. Gale did not have to go through that. He’s pretty enough to find someone else. For Peeta, there was no one else. Just saying.

  84. Poor Finnick…. 😥

    This series is amazing. If you haven’t read it READ.IT.NOW.

    i dont care if its midnight GET YOUR HANDS ON THE BOOKS
    u won’t regret it!

  85. Great choice for the boys expect I feel Lucy might be to old maybe Susan from Narnia as Katniss? I’m Team Peeta!! Forver! Love him!! Like how this series seem more realistic than Twilight Saga.

  86. PEETA!!!! ❤
    People! It is so obvious who Katniss was going to end up with. The story revolved mostly around the Katniss/Peeta relationship. There were more Katniss/Peeta moments in the books, Peeta was also given more "screen time" and the moment his name was announced in the first book when Katniss suddenly thought of their connection, it was quite obvious by then that he was the one for her. In the hunger games, Katniss grew feelings for Peeta but, unfortunately, she didn't realized it, at first. In Catching Fire, whenever she saw him, she would feel LONGING! In Mockingjay, she almost became a broken person because of Peeta's torture. It's freaking obvious~ Katniss' love for Gale was "friendship love". OBVIOUS!!

    We didn't really get to know the real Gale before Mockingjay. All we knew about him was the Gale in Katniss' perception. The readers (the Gale-lovers) liked him because Katniss' description of Gale was different from the true Gale. Only in the third book do we see his true colors.

    Peeta, on the other hand, was introduced from the very beginning, not in Katniss' memory or imagination, but through what she sees at the moment and by that, we are able to judge him. PEETA IS AMAZING!!!! AWESOME!!!! A Golden Boy! ❤

    PEETA ALL THE WAY! I know he is with Katniss but even if he wasn't I would still Love him because of who he is!!! Peeta, as an individual, is more precious to me than his love story with Katniss!

  87. I cannot believe Liam Hemsworth is going to play Gale. 😐 And how did Josh Hutcherson get the part? I mean, HELLO! Alex Pettyfer all the way!

  88. I think Liam Hemsworth as Gale is mmm mmm goood!! And although I like both characters in the books…. I am soooo team Gale. I just like the strong protective types, and it seemed like Katniss was the one protecting Peeta through the entire books…. which is kinda lame.

  89. Hello
    I’m in the middle of the final book, Mockingjay, where Peeta is hijacked into thinking Katniss is evil. It broke my heart. I loved Peeta, and I still do.
    So, I had to ask if anyone besides myself doesn’t like Gale?

    I’m not exactly sure there’s a definite explanation for why I don’t like him, beside the fact that Katniss simply doesn’t belong with him

    Oh, and Team Peeta 😀 && Definitely NOT because of looks.

  90. Hahah, i love your cast choices.. 🙂
    And as you can probablimo tell, TEAM GALLLEE(not because of the looks)!!!

    He’s just sooo perfect and caring..and kind..and awesome!! Gale and Katniss SHOULD BE TOGETHER!! that was the only bit i didn’t like about the last book…the fact that she didn’t end up with Gale..yes, i know…i’m crazy but Gale is just so…I can’t even find a suitable word because he’s so awesome!! You know what?! he deserves his own adjective!! GALE IS SOO GALEY!! YAY! 😀


  91. I am Team Gale for the following reasons:
    1. He knew Katniss since she was 12.
    2. He kept her family and his family alive by hunting.
    3. He always did what was best in the war and for Katniss.
    4. He’s hot (that part was an opinion)
    5. He never forced her to love him while Peeta came up with the star crossed lovers without Katniss’ permission!
    6. He is a strong leader and is a loyal friend. He never lost faith in Katniss even when she lost faith in him.

  92. Peeta is girly and Katniss is always saving his butt! Gale is a MAN! Oh and Peeta is actually a middle eastern bread so……..

  93. Anyone who thinks Gale is better for Katniss hear me out! Gale left Katniss! Peeta stayed even after he was hijacked! Peeta’s not sissy just because he’s a baker! And just because Katniss saved his life, doesn’t mean he can’t take care of himself! He survived 2 freaking hunger games! And yes, Gale did force Katniss to love him! He was practically watching Katniss going to Finnick’s house and so Gale freaking automatically assumed that they had something going on! And when they were kissing in the woods Gale said and I quote, ” It feels like I’m kissing a drunk person.” How would he know what they feels like without kissing many girls! Proving he’s a player and I doubt he could actually commit to Katniss. Peeta dedicated his life for Katniss volunteering to go into the games a second time to protect her ( That and they knew a drunken Haymitch would die instantly)! It says in the book Gale was jealous of Peeta so he did kinda force her to love him! Plus Gale never even said good bye to Katniss his best friend! She also said in Mockingjay how Peeta is the dandelion and the symbol of rebirth, while Gale is just fire adding on to Katniss’ fire! It also could have been Gale’s bomb that killed Prim, her own sister who, in catching fire, KATNISS SAID WAS THE ONLY PERSON SHE WAS SURE SHE LOVED! If that’s not enough proof for you, then here’s more! During the quell after Peeta ran into the force field, she cried and Finnick blamed it on her pretend pregnancy. Which, by the way, was pretend! So she really did care! Also on the beach, when Peeta said she was the only one who cares about her, and she said she cared about him and wasn’t acting. He offered her a life where people cared about her, because Gale, her mother, and Prim do. So he was willing to let Katniss have someone else. If that’s not enough convincing, then I don’t know what is.

  94. Team Peeta!! And yes, I throw ninja darts, so bewaaare!
    But really, Peeta is like, my ideal guy. Too bad he’s not real.. plus, Mockingjay was a real slap in the face for all you Team Gale’ers. And a guy who bakes bread and ices cakes while maintaining his manliness is a win.
    Am I the only person here who does not want Henry Cavill? Not saying he’s not really handsome!

  95. Ok so to start off I am Team Gale! But I have some comments about why people like gale or why they like peeta-

    Why people like Gale: He’s hot let’s just get that out there, and he is brave, strong, smart, a hunter. He can survive on his own, he is protective and caring towards thoughs he loves, he is full of integrity, knows how to fight a war which by the way NEEDED BOMBS TO WIN! He is the reason Katniss was able to feed her family and he’s more appealing than a girly baker :p

    why people like Peeta: I guess because he says nice stuff? *cough* cough*

  96. TEAM PEETA!!! and in the movie Peeta is played by Josh Hutcherson ❤ =D he's hot! And Gale is played by Liam Hemsworth…ick. ANYWAY… I hate readIng. alot. BUT I LOVE THESE BOOKS MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF =) I'm currently in the middle of catching fire! I love it so much! And Peeta would be like my dream guy! To bad he isn't real =( AND IM SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE TO COME OUT MARCH 23, 2012 =DDDDDDDDDDDD! I am addicted to this series so much!! LOOK UP ON YOUTUBE OR ITUNES Hunger Games! "I wanna go" IT'S A HUNGER GAMES VERSION OF BRITTNEY SPEARS SONG I WANNA GO IT'S SO FUNNY IN THE SONG THE GUY WHO PLAYS GALE SINGS SUCH BEAUTIFUL EYES AND PEETA SINGS I'LL BAKE YOU PIES AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THE VIDEO IS HILARIOUS SO I WOULD LOOK UP THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE CUZ ON ITUNES THEY ONLY HAVE THE SONG!! Team PEETA ❤ ❤

  97. ALSO When Rue died I cried like a baby but I kinda did it silently cuz my sister was sleeping on the other side of the room so I was making this pathetic choking sound! And I did that for at least 20 minutes! AHAHAHAHAHA yeaaa. And I really like the name Prim even tho it’s kinda weird….and look up Rues Lullabuy sometime it’s so sad! And makes u wanna cry!! Look it up on iTunes. I started crying when I heard it! Soo yeaa TEAM PEETA ❤ read my review above this one!!


  99. to my friend GRACE!!!! if ur reading this i am TEAM PEETA all the way! peeta is perfect for Katniss! katniss can never love gale because he killed her sister!

  100. okay whatever u say……she still ends up with Peeta! so Ha grace!
    and he even says!!!! and i quote! i cannot love a guy who killed my sister!

  101. I Agree Ariana! TEAM PEETA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *high five*
    suck it Grace! 😛

  102. OMG I looooove your actors. But even though Gale looks better I am still TEAM PEETA all the way!!!! Gale is just too lonerish (and yes, I know that’s not a real word). Peeta is so kind and sweet. I mean, he is wonderful. The Boy With The Bread. Not Gale who’s never really a main character. Sure he’s mentioned a lot in the 3rd, but Katniss is always worried about Peeta, so I don’t know, just GO PEETA!

  103. I AM TEAM GALE!!!! he is so hot, and your right about peeta’s balls and his baked goods. ha ha what a joke. everyone knows that katniss will eventually run off and find gale after the third book. and liam hensworth is playing gale in the movie. i mean, who could resisit THAT!? no one:)

  104. Oh god were all gonna become obsessed fan freaks and everyone will hate us just like twilight

  105. Oh my god team Peeta! Katniss DOES like him, even tho she thinks she doesn’t. And he loves her. Plus Peetas cuter than Gale. SO TEAM PEETA!!!!!!!!

  106. Team Peeta all the way!!! If I had a man like him my life WOULD be complete… (and he’s hot!!!)

  107. Ok, I made fun of the Twilight obsessed people for loving Edward. But not that I feel there pain. I understand *dramatic music*. Now I’m on the hunt for the guy who reminds me of Peeta. Because he’s F_ing amazing, Like Gales ok but my soulmate is Peeta *end of dramatic music*.

  108. I love both the guys, but officially I am “team Peeta”. not because I like him better, because I don’t necessarily. If I was choosing for me, I would choose Gale, but the right guy for Katniss? definatly Peeta. They don’t say “opposites attract” for no reason…

  109. Omg they soooo should have picked Alex for Peeta. Wtf JOSH??? I admit he’s growing on me but … Anyway have u seen who they picked for Cinna? I reckon Orlando Bloom would have been awesome 🙂

  110. Anyone on TEAM GALE plz read this:
    1. PEETA IS NOT WEAK AND SISSY. It actually says IN THE BOOK that he is strong and is amazing at lifting weights. THAT IMPLIES HE HAS ABS.
    2. Gale has anger management problems. He always storms off on Katniss and who wants a guy that does that?
    3. Peeta is sweet and caring. He would die for Katniss even if she wouldn’t for him.
    4. Gale is a girls name.
    5. Peeta bakes bread YUM
    6. Gale likes killing things. Including little sisters and children.
    7. Peeta has a sence of humor, unlike SOMEONE
    8. Gale kissed Katniss while she was in a relationship with Peeta, not giving a damn about his feelings.
    9. Peeta knew Katniss loved Gale and still continued to love her
    11. Peeta tried to give Rue’s family a month of their tribute winnings.
    12. Gale avoids Katniss ALOT.
    13. Peeta is HOT

  111. Team Peeta all the way !!!!!  I mean I hate the whole team thing but I read the books and I just love peeta!!!!! I am not in the mood to go into details it’s just an opinion ……. But I love reading and he is my fav character of hg, or atleast top 3!!!

  112. OMG!OMG!TEAM PEETA! I looooovvvvveeee Peeta! [and josh hutcherson] i think gale SUCKS and he always kissin katniss and running off!!!!!

  113. GALE! TEAM GALE ALL THE WAY!! katniss just kisses peeta for show so she can get sponsors but, in the second book when gale gets whipped, katniss steps in front of him so she gets whipped instead of him. Then when he is brought back to her house for medical attention, katniss KISSES gas, not for show, but a real kiss

    Peeta all the way! Peeta really loves Katniss, even though she doesn’t love him. Don’t forget to mention that he is SOOOOO hot!

  115. Based on pics Gale is hot skillet, and I am butter. Buuut since I have read the books… Gale is a b**ch. That’s right he is a total female dog. I am a TOTAL TEAM PEETA!!!! Seriously, Peeta and Katniss have bootiful babies. I wish it would never end.

  116. The guy whp plays peeta in the hunger games is crap. For goodness salke who looks like a sulky petulant child. Not who Katniss needs he’s awful

  117. Peeta cares about Katniss so much, he is willing to let her win but dying. On the other hand, Gale helps Katniss family during the games. I like Peeta better though because he is SUPER HOT AND SWEET!!!!!!! I AM TEAM PEETA!!!!!!!!!!!!! But don’t get me wrong I love Gale too.

    TEAM PEETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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