New Moon Trailer + Shirtless Extras

My Twilight viewing experience consisted of sitting through my boyfriend groaning “Who dresses up in baseball clothes to play baseball?!!!” where I’m all “Oh hush, you made me stand in line next to Chewbacca for the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith premeire so the least you can do is sit here and watch Edward Cullen sparkle!”

I’m straddling the fence about dragging him to New Moon. The trailer looks promising, specifically because of the sheer amount of shirtless guys. I’m a firm believer that a bad movie is redeemed by guys disrobing. My bf may not like the chiseled man boobies, but I DO!

Changing subjects: here’s another R.Patz rendering for shits and giggles. Btw, I’m not responsible!  I don’t even have Photoshop! I’ve just got a talent for stumbling across strange and unusual internet pictures.

Poor R.Patz. He’s become a caricature of all things mythical.

First he was a Mer-Man

Next he’s flashing you his unicorn:

Now he’s the 107 year old Virgin.

Poor Cedric Diggory. What did they do to you? You should have never left Hogwarts. I don’t want you to sparkle anymore…


8 thoughts on “New Moon Trailer + Shirtless Extras”

  1. We already had this conversation on twitter, but Wow. That is a lot of half-naked werewolf.

    And that virgin post is AWESOME!!!

  2. Holy crap. THANK YOU for the laugh. I love your blog and will so be linking to you on my own. Do NOT – I repeat – do NOT take your BF to New Moon. Go with girlfriends and behold the power of that which is Edward Cullen in peace. Let him sit home and watch WWF or something. Then you can rent it with him later when you have sufficiently oogled all the pecs to your own satisfaction. 😉

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