Bloody Hell! Where is Chartroose?

My stalker senses tell me that Chartroose of Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barrage hasn’t updated since July 23, 2009! So a bunch of us were twittering about how we miss Chartroose and some of us were biting our fingernails in fear that she’s been abducted by aliens or ran away with Jamie Fraser or, to a lesser extent, a chiseled Ron Weasley. That being said, as part of the first Book Blogger’s Rescue Mission, I’ve volunteered to lure Chartroose back into the game with a Jonathan Rhys Meyers collage.

Chartroose, this is for you. You must blog again!  Don’t make me put your Jodie Foster-esque face on a milk carton…


If that doesn’t work, you’ve forced me to play dirty.

I DARE you to take a look at these pictures and not be enticed to blog again.

I’ll stop there on account of my laptop’s melting.

Chartroose! *Shakes virtual fist*  COME. BACK.


16 thoughts on “Bloody Hell! Where is Chartroose?”

  1. Perfect!!! This better bring her back. 😀 And ZOMG my entire body melted at the Paul Newman shot…not that the others weren’t a bunch of fun too!

  2. Okay this is funny. I’ve been watching Paul Newman for years, since “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid” came out. And I have been so wrapped up in those eyes, that I never even noticed how fantastic his abs were!

  3. Here’s the pretty!

    Not only is there some JRM love but dang if you didn’t give me a fabulous dose of Sawyer too.

    Wonderful, truly wonderful!

  4. Dang it! Must run to the library and rent North and South ASAP.

    Your posts always leave my chemistry textbook drooping its pages in shame. 😉

  5. Damn you to hell!!! Now I’ll have to come back. (Actually, thanks, T.)

    Gerard Butler! Man, I forgot all about him. I saw him nekkid in one of his old films. Totally yummy.

  6. CHARTROOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’re back! I see my virtual fist shaking scared you into submission… You BETTER update your blog or I will SWEEP THE LEG out from YOU! Have you met my Lolita legs? I call them Law and Order.

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