Let me eat cake!

It’s my birthday! I am the big two-five! In classic book nerd speak, that makes me two years older than young Jamie Fraser circa Outlander Book 1. I am also six years older than Nat Eaton, who’s age I estimate to be around nineteen, yet I still lust after that cocky seaman, which means I am officially on the path to cougar-dom.

In celebration of the day I shot forth from my mother’s womb, I will eat cake enough for three people and pass out. Then I will wake up and perform a drunken Russian step dance to the amusement of all. But before I do, here’s some hastily cobbled together pop culture trivia associated with this, the holiest of days…

I share a birthday with Truman Capote. Capote also died on the year I was born. That year is a famous book written by George Orwell; you were probably forced to read it in high school. Also, James Dean died today. In short, my birthday is full of dystopian, idol killing awesomeness!

Also, I am Asian. That is neither here or there, but if you follow me on twitter it was a big shocking revelation. I quote Raych and Eva: “You’re ASIAN?????!!!!!” Β Yes, if we were the Babysitter’s Club, I call dibs on Claudia!

I also quote my boyfriend: “Sometimes I forget you’re Asian, then I stare into your eyes and secretly wonder if they are open.” Isn’t he a sweet talker?

That being said, I give you pictures of my face. You might need a magnifying glass to see it, but I am smiling at you with my eyes…

Self Portrait


23 thoughts on “Let me eat cake!”

  1. Happy birthday again! And yay for finally seeing some pictures. πŸ˜€ You’re so purdy! And am very jealous of your hair.

  2. I knew you were Asian…I think you told me that when we were talking about “Bum Wars”.

    Happy Birthday.

    P.S. Please put some sort of video recording device and do a vlog immediately upon waking up tomorrow.

  3. Happy Birthday T.Y.! I have to admit I was surprised when you said you’re Asian. But jeez, you’ve been hiding your pretty face long enough! πŸ˜‰

  4. Firstly, in all the making fun of you this morning I forgot to wish you a happy birthday! So…one of those. In honor of your birthday, I will concede to you Jamie Fraser circa Outlander, as you are closer to his then-age than I am and you can be his couger. I claim for myself Jamie Fraser circa Dragonfly in Amber and I will be his hot young thing. It’s the last chance I have of being said hotyoungthing ever again.

    SECONDLY, I always wanted you to post a photo of yourself IF ONLY because you are not Asian in my mind. You are, to be honest, a pair of legs. I think you know which legs I’m talking about. But I felt odd being all Post a picture so I can see how Asian you are and conflate that with the hemi-bodied you I have in my mind. Thanks for not making me ask. You are both very Asian and very pretty. Jamie would do you, and you could probably talk Nat out of his Puritan drawers.

  5. Happy (belated, now) birthday!! If you ever want to have a BSC party — which I would be totally down for, by the way — I’d want desperately to be Dawn, but we all know I’d be more of a Mary Ann. Meh!

  6. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!!

    It is now the after-birthday morning: I am discombobulated after a night of cake and Russian step dancing madness.

  7. Heya! Happy birthday though I don’t really know you and stuff! And I comment too long again! So I’ll keep this short. Maybe I should make a blog myself so I won’t chatter in yours! Never read 1984 but the movie Brazil was based on it right? And that was a really, REALLY cool film. Futuristic crazy stuff!

  8. Glad you had a great birthday. =) I haven’t seen you in so long. You’re still about 17 in my head! lol You sure growed up pretty-like. lol

  9. I am severely behind the times, but happy birthday! Also, I feel like there is an automatic cradle-robbing exception for both Nat Eaton and Outlander-era Jamie Fraser.

  10. I’m late to the party (as usual). So…Happy Birthday!

    Also, why do you leave the rest of us to pick through the dregs of the Babysitter’s Club? I’m pasty in real life, so why must I be pasty in my imaginary Babysitter’s Club too? No one was as cool as Claudia, ergo, no one’s as cool as you, T!

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