The ULTIMATE Outlander Collage

I am a dork and I have an unhealthy obsession with Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. Here’s why:

I know I’m missing characters, but if I actually took the time to cast ALL the characters, I would really have no life. The man hours hunting down pictures for this collage is a badge of my nerdy ways. Plus, the other day at work, I was thinking about buying a pocket protector and no, I am NOT kidding. I thought about fashioning one out of a plastic pencil pouch and had to slap myself.

Outlander is my brand of Star Trek. If there was a convention, I would drape myself in head to toe tartan and be the first in line. Wait, I’ve already crashed the local Scottish Fair. I was the only Asian there. Nobody looked like Jamie. I was sad and wept tears of sad out of my slanty eyes. This sounds like a Haiku. The end.

UPDATE: In which I embiggen the images to save you eye strain.

29 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE Outlander Collage”

  1. its good to know that you’re not the only unhealthy obsessed Outlander fan out there. I don’t know where I’d be if Jamie Fraser hadn’t come into my life. Do you ever make your own playlist of music for the books? Look up the Jail Break song from the “Tuck Everlasting” sound track and tell me you dont see that red heided de il’ of a Scot running through the heather in his kilt…excuse me while I go pine after a fictional character…

  2. Awesome collages, and awesome character selections. I have read Outlander over and over, and intend to read them all again before I crack open An Echo in the Bone. I made sure to get a signed copy of Outlander hardcover for my book shelf from Poisened Pen Press, you can even have them personalized.

  3. Not bad!! I don’t know who your “Claire” is, but switch it out to Rachel McAdams and I’ll be happy. I don’t see Steven Bonnet as a pretty boy, should be a little rougher looking. Love your choice for Colum.

  4. Now see, I’ve been able to avoid this books, just because the sheer length of so many books has put me off. But if the characters in the book inspired you to think of some of these actors, I may just have to pick it up because I love me some of the guys!

  5. Black Jack Randell is BANG ON. I dont necessarily agree with Claire and Jamie (however I think Gerald Butler would make a great Jamie for the last two novels – echo in the bone and snow and ashes)

    That fergus would be good when he is an adult but we still have to find a preteen Fergus and an older Ian.

    Geillis is a great choice too! – here is your Malva

  6. i love this! idk who your jamie is, but hot damn YES! ;o) and no one else on the planet could be jack randall – i watched the patriot yesterday and couldn’t stop thinking that he HAS to be black jack! i’d love to see mary elizabeth mastrantonio as claire!

  7. Very great ideas! As for Claire, I think I’ve been envisioning Rachel Weisz. Quite honestly though, I don’t know if any actor could fill Jamie Fraser’s shoes, but you’re on the right track! I too am glad I’m not the only obsessed Outlander fan, it’s so awesome, nothing else compares to it! 🙂

  8. I’m so geeked out right now. LOL Love your choices! Makes me want to make my own poster of Outlander people so I can sigh at it.

  9. Love your selections!

    I have one request: can we cast Rupert Friend in as someone?

    My first thought was Frank/Jack Randall since he’s got the face that could go either sweet or mean. But Maybe he’s more John Grey? I dunno, but he’s hot and men in the series are Hot so I want him. 🙂

  10. I would love to know who the actress for Claire is. I’ve seen her before, but cannot place her.

  11. I’ve read through 2x now and still miss them, cant wait for the next book. I also have an unhealthy obsession for them. Would so much like to have a movie made and cant wait. Like your picks but I think Gerard Butler would make a good Jaime. We all have fallen in love with Jamie havent we?

  12. Love your picks! I thought they all looked REALLY good. Gerard Butler is hot but not enough for Jamie.

  13. Love the selections! Great choices all.
    And to blessedwannab, reading everything over again will definitely help because she references back very often. I had to scan them to remember…

  14. Hi – Just came upon this (after falling rabidly in love with all things Outlander only a month ago!). Your casting is fabulous, but I’m not sure I recognize everyone. Do you have a list somewhere (or could you just give the names)? LOVE your casting for Frank/Black Jack — so perfect, there just couldn’t be anyone else.

  15. Hi Lisa,

    These are the actors:
    Jamie: Philip Winchester
    Claire: Felicitas Woll
    Roger: Jim Caviezel
    Brianna: Alicia Wit
    Black Jack/Frank: Jason Isaacs
    Stephen Bonnet: Sean Bean
    Laogharie: Sophia Myles
    Young Ian: Gaspard Ulliel
    Fergus: Oliver Martinez
    Lord John Grey: Jude Law
    Geillis Duncan: Cate Blanchett
    Column: Liam Neeson
    Dougal: Gerarld Butler
    Murtagh: I can’t remember his name but I assure you this actor was on Braveheart.

  16. Fantastic, thanks! And I can help you out with your Murtagh – that’s Tommy Flanagan, currently on Sons of Anarchy.

  17. I agree with some of your choices…
    Jamie-no…but I don’t have any other ideas
    Claire-no..again, don’t know who else
    Roger-YES! Omg YES!
    Brianna- No, and I do have a perfect match for her! amanda righetti, look her up! She’s perfect for the part!
    Jack Randall- YES!!!
    Stephen Bonnet- YES!
    Young Ian and Lizzie – YES
    Fergus- YES!!!!
    Laoghaire- Yes
    Lord John Grey- YES
    Geillis- YES!!!!
    Dougal-NO! Gerard Butler is not mean enough!!!!! He’s too sweet!
    Collum- Yeah, I guess…He would be a good Dougal too!
    Murtugh-YES! He’s a perfect fit!!!!

    Like I said, those are my (and my moms) picks…But I don’t really have suggestions for others…unless I really sat down to look. :D!

  18. These are wonderful!
    You forgot Jenny Murray!! I think Helena Bonham Carter…short and spitfire.
    Also, if she can do an english accent, I though Jennifer Connolly for Claire, her gaze is more direct and it looks like she’s seen hellashious (sp) war, though actually i would choose a co-worker who is a nurse, has sherry gold eyes that look hawkish, but she’s a tad too tall (5’9″).
    Ian Murray Jr. could be played by Rupert Friend!
    And don’t forget Rollo! 🙂

  19. I think the guy who plays Alcide on True Blood would be an excellent Jamie. No one else I can think of could play him. Certainly not Gerard Butler.

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