1 Girl + OCD = Books Read 2009

Ideally, this post that should have waited until the end of the year, except I can’t wait! I am a creature of impulse puuuurrrrrr and I must show and tell NOW. October-December are noticeably missing.

Isn’t it pretty? Just let your eyes skim over the inconsistent formatting. Formatting does not a good blog post make. A fantastic blog post is born out of love. I sat here and crafted these non-matching collages out of LOVE for reading and not because I have a slight OCD problem which demands visuals.

Jan 2009

1. The Ghost Writer—John Harewood

2. The Little Prince—Antoine De Saint-Exuprey

3. Fingersmith—Sarah Waters

4. No Plot? No Problem!—Chris Baty

5. Stein on Writing—Sol Stein

6. 20 Master Plots—Ronald Tobias

7. Housekeeping vs. the Dirt—Nick Hornby

Feb 2009

1. Here on Earth—Alice Hoffman

2. Silk—Alessandro Barcio

3. How I Write—Janet Evanovich

4. Nefertiti—Michelle Moran

5. Aquamarine—Alice Hoffman

6. Indigo—Alice Hoffman

March 2009

1. Garden Spells—Sarah Addison Allen

2. Incantation—Alice Hoffman

3. Holidays on Ice (Santaland Diaries)—David Sedaris

4. The Heretic Queen—Michelle Moran

5. The Sugar Queen—Sarah Addison Allen

6. Tipping the Velvet—Sarah Waters

7. The Hunger Games—Suzanne Collins

April 2009

1. Graceling—Kristin Cashore

2. Paper Towns—John Green

3. What I Saw and How I Lied—Judy Bundell

4. Danse Macabre—Stephen King

5. The Running Man–Stephen King

6. Rapunzel’s Revenge–Shannon and Dean Hale

7. Wintergirls–Laurie Halse Anderson

May 2009

1. Perfect You—Elizabeth Scott

2. Dreadful Skin—Cherie Priest

3. Someone Like You—Sarah Dessen

4. Stuff White People Like—Christian Lander

5. Those Who Went Remain There Still—Cherie Priest

6. The Big Sleep—Raymond Chandler

June 2009

1. That Summer—Sarah Dessen

2. Liquor—Poppy Z. Brite

3. Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels—Sarah Wendell & Candy Tan

4. Nerd in Shining Armor—Vicky Lewis Thompson

5. My Nerdy Valentine—Vicky Lewis Thompson

6. The First Five Pages—Noah Lukeman

7. Lord of Scoundrels—Loretta Chase

8. Shadowed Summer—Saundra Mitchell

July 2009

1. Cooking up a Storm—Emma Holly

2. Tender Morsels—Margo Lanagan

3. Notes on a Scandal—Zoe Heller

4. The Notebook—Nicholas Sparks

5. The Babysitter’s Club: Claudia and the Little Liar—Ann M. Martin

6. The Patmans of Sweet Valley High—Francine Pascal

August 2009

1. Bad Girls Don’t Die—Katie Alender

2. The Favored Child—Philippa Gregory

3. Along for the Ride—Sarah Dessen

September 2009

  1. The White Darkness—Geraldine McCaughrean
  2. Catching Fire—Suzanne Collins
  3. The Knife of Never Letting Go—Patrick Ness
  4. Vintage L.A.—Jennifer Brandt Taylor
  5. Cleopatra’s Daughter—Michelle Moran
  6. The Princess Bride—William Goldman

6 thoughts on “1 Girl + OCD = Books Read 2009”

  1. I stopped reading the list and just looked at the pictures because they are so pretty. You should do a wrap-up post once a month like this.

    You know how you can add more books to your list? by joining my novella challenge. Just sayin’.

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