An Echo in the Bone

An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon

Let’s dive into the meat and potatoes and dispense with back story. If you haven’t read Outlander, I will slap you upside the head: “What’s the matter with you? Don’t you want to be my book soul mate?” In a few words, Outlander is a historical romantic epic with a time-travel bonus and Jamie Fraser—the hottest, most complex male character ever created by a woman. Also, I want to give him my flower and he will make me BLOSSOM!!! But that’s private talk for later…

An Echo in the Bone is the long awaited Book 7 and there really is no way to talk about it without spoiling its predecessors, so if you’re an Outlander virgin, look away.

When last we left Jamie & Claire, they were perched on the eve of the American Revolution and there’s talk of returning to Scotland to fetch Jamie’s printing press. Jamie, being older and wiser, will fight this war with his words instead of with his broadsword. Meanwhile, there are misadventures involving pirates and espionage and 18th century amputations.

There are complications heaped upon complications and run-ins involving characters who you thought were dead but were MISTAKEN and the adopted son of a certain man-rapist crosses paths with the bastard son of a certain red fox and there’s a paternity issue that’s Star Wars “Noooooo!!!! You’re not my father!!!!!” all over again. Unless you are a diehard Outlander fan, you will have NO IDEA what I’m talking about.

By this time, Jamie and Claire are old enough to be my parents but they still do the deed…in the barn where Jamie touches Claire THERE and in the garden where Jamie touches himself THERE…and I am blown away and fanning myself because their middle age deed doing is still as hot as their young and supple mmmphing. *Cranks up electric fan to full blast*

And speaking of hot, I’m in love with Young Ian who has morphed into this ridiculously feral Last of the Mohicans frontiersman. There is a love triangle involving Young Ian, William (Jamie’s bastard son) and a feisty Quakeress—I am hereby drawing a line in the sand in favor of Team Ian! I’m also officially in love with Diana for jumping on the love triangle bandwagon and heeding the universal fangirl call for choosing Teams.

It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: serious shit goes down in the last 100 pages. Shit that you won’t believe CAN happen WILL happen and said shit won’t be resolved until the next book which better be drafted and in the editing stage by now… I can’t wait 4-5 years!

You’ve just read a review written by hormones alone. To summarized: I am still in love with Jamie Fraser, but I wouldn’t mind giving my flower to Young Ian…and Roger…and William…also, the Beardsley Twins, maybe Lord John. This flower is starting to resemble Lindsey Lohan’s flower: soiled beyond recognition.


30 thoughts on “An Echo in the Bone”

  1. Ok, this has to be the Best. Review. Ever.

    Sigh. Think I may have to go and reread some of those moments now. Like the barn. Or the garden.

    Oh, and yes… I call Team Ian. (Did I mention my husband’s name in real life is Ian? No joke.)

    * * fans self rapidly * *

  2. I’m glad to hear you liked it. I’ve been reading many-a-review where long time fans DIDN’T FINISH IT or called the series quit!!!! It’s made me terrified to read it. Although my mom and dad (yes my DAD is hooked on this series) loved it. I’m not in a HUGE hurry to read it…I hear the ending is cliffhanger galore…and you KNOW it’ll be YEARS before we get the next one. But again, I’m really glad to see a good review of Echo!

  3. historical romantic epic with a time-travel bonus

    I like that!

    Loved this book. I’m really liking William now and was sad for both Wm and Ian, wondering who would get the girl. I’m happy with how it ended though. 🙂

    I miss Jamie already. How much longer until the next book?!?!?

  4. Oh! I also like your comparing Ian to Last of the Mohicans. Yes. Totally.

    When I first started reading Outlander, I tried to explain it to people by saying it was a mix of Braveheart and Gladiator and The Patriot and Last of the Mohicans, for all sorts of reasons. Now LotM really fits with our dear wee Ian.

    The first half of the book seemed kinda slower to me (but I also had real life stuff going on and couldn’t read as much), but yes, the last 100 pages had me reading non-stop. And The Nuckelavee!! Rob Cameron–grrrrr!! Jem! Roger!! And yes, William. Don’t want to spoil, but, y’know. 😉

  5. Sorry for spamming. 😉 Have just finished actually reading your review–was too impatient to reply before! I love that Roger. And William. I’ll take Wm since Jamie seems to be taken forever. 😉

    I’d go cougar for Wm. 😛 And wee Ian too.

  6. Yes, great review and I concur on every point.

    Team Ian!

    *ps: I couldn’t help but wonder at the happy life of lizzie with those twins. mmmph.

  7. So, I haven’t read the first 5 books, but I will as soon as I’m done with Echo in the Bone. I get that William is Jaime’s bastard son, but who is his mother and how did he end up with Lord John Gray? I gotta know this. Please someone help me!

  8. All I know is that DG better not be doing anything else with her time other than writing the next book. I cant et over how the book leaves us hanging! I think I would be able to sleep peacefully again if Jamie and Clair were together when the book ended. I feel like they are real ppl who will be apart until we get to read what happens next. Poor Clair. Poor William. Jeez, poor Jem. He is stuck in a dark tunnel! WHAT THE CRAP DG!?

  9. I need help! I need to know some things that my brain missed or just simply were left up to speculation in the Echo.
    1. who was Randall Isaacs Denys? What was his interest in William? What did Lord John find out about him?
    2. who exactly did Roger and Brianna think Rob Cameron was?
    3. Who was the man that visited Jamie and Clair around the camp fire at Saratoga?
    4. did William Kill Arch Bug?
    I need answers people! Please help!

  10. Nancy: In Voyager, Book 3: Lord John sets up Jamie Fraser as a stable boy/man in this English estate (Hellwater). Geneva, spoiled daughter of the estate owner, blackmails Jamie into sleeping with her. Jamie knocks her up, she dies upon childbirth, her husband dies upon HER DEATH. Lord John marries Geneva’s sister and adopts William—now the future Lord Ellsmere—as his son our of MAN LOVE for Jamie Fraser.

  11. lynksmom: To answer your question

    1) Denys Randall-Isaac is the bastard son of Alexander Randall (younger brother of Black Jack Randall) and Mary Hawkins. See Dragonfly in Amber. Alex knocks up Mary, Alex contracts consumption and pleads upon his death bed for Black Jack to marry Mary and take care of unborn son.

    2) Rob Cameron is a Scottish Nationalist. Remember Geillis Duncan? He’s gunho about Jacobite rebellion and all that rot. Um…he kidnapped Jem to go back through the stones?

    3) Some dude who saw Jamie kill Dougal and threatens to spill the beans to Dougal’s illegitimate son Hamish? My guess is Hamish won’t be too pleased when he finds out. Now he will never find out because Young Ian offed the dude.

    4) William shot Arch Bug dead.

  12. Thanks T.Y. your the best! Although I still dont understand why Denys Randall- Isaac had a role in the book?? Who was he a spy for, which side? I kept waiting for his role to make sense when I finished the book. Instead I was just left with a big fat question mark and asking my favorite blogger who’s sarcastic witt and charm enthralls me and leaves me wanting more.

  13. Lynksmom:

    I believe Randall-Issac is some kind of mole and I briefly recall that he was embroiled with that Percy Beauchanmp guy in the Fergus-is-the-bastard-son-of-a-Count scandal. I’m not entirely clear on Randall’s role, but I foresee his characters is important in the next book. All I know is Randall-Issac CANNOT DIE for Frank to be born.

  14. I think I just died a little — that was by far the funniest review of An Echo in the Bone I have read.
    I’m just hoping that Diana had this massive tome written for this book and her editors said ‘not going to happen’ and simply cut it in half, so we don’t have to wait three or four years to wrap up all those nasty cliff-hangers.

  15. I loved your review – it was one of the best reviews I’ve read of this book. I LOVE the Outlander series, but I am getting tired of waiting years in between books. I hope the next one comes out fast!

  16. Is Rob Cameron one of Jocasta’s Cameron Cameron Cameron’s Is he from back in the day or does he just want to go back there?

  17. I am in the last 100 pages and I don’t know if I want to read it or not. I may have to wait until the next book is coming out. . . WTF? Seriously? Lord John? UGH.

  18. I was looking forward to reading this book…unfortunatley somewhat dissapointed, and had to read the last few chapters twice! ..I thought I had missed something. still not happy about so many things being left up in the air mainly Jemmy!! Hoping the next book is more Jamie and Claire , less Lord John.. and more concise!

  19. I to am in love with James Frasure if only he were real what a great book the last twist with Lord John and Claire put me over the top!!!

  20. Hello! another obsessed Asian Outlander fan here. I’ll go with you to the Scottish Games so you aren’t the only one there!
    I”m only 70% through EITB right now, and it’s going too fast. My question is… what did you do after you finished the book? Pick up Outlander and start all over, or pick up an entirely unrelated book?

  21. Cyn: My days of re-reads are over. I’d pick up a new book. Once in a while, I’ll pick up Outlander or a random vol. from the series and flip to my favorite parts, SWOONING! After I finished Echo in the Bone, I read the last page several times. It was perfection.

  22. Okay, so after almost a year I finally started and finished this book!

    First, TEAM IAN!!!!!

    Second, OMG, I can not WAIT for the next book!!!!!

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