Chartroose Day!!!

As deemed by Care of Care’s Online Book Club, Nov. 1 is “Thinking of Chartroose Day.”

Remember…oh, a month ago, when I crafted a Jonathan Rhys Meyers collage + hot guy photos to lure the elusive Chartroose of Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barrage! out from her blogging hiatus and threatened to put her Jodie Foster-esque face on a milk carton?

Chartroose commented: “Damn you to hell! Now I have to come back.” Except she’s NOT back and I miss her and sometimes I stare off into the distance and wonder why? Why Chartroose? Then the Lionel Richie song starts to play “Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? I can see it in your eyes….I can see it in your smile…” and I cry into my morning bowl of Count Chocula.

Okay.  I think…I think I’ve revealed too much.

Bloody Hell, Chartroose! Where are you?

I’ve made buttons in honor of Chartroose Day!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Chartroose Day!!!”

  1. I discovered her blog over the summer, and that’s like, right when she stopped blogging. It’s not nice to tease like that though, T.Y…you have lured us all out of lurkdom with your buttons.

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