Horrible Dare & Wonderful Dare BUTTONS

As you recall, last summer Raych and I dared each other to read three puke-inducing books in what was the first annual Horrible Dare Challenge. Later, we dared to delight in the Wonderful Dare Challenge.

DELIGHT & DESTROY are the themes of these challenges.

Yesterday, I fed all my spare geek time to my creative hobby horse and now we have BUTTONS! Buttons means our hastily cobbled together rules are official! So far, the only participants in our mad little games are um, Raych and myself…and we’re feeling a little Rosencrantz & Guildenstern here so feel free to steal the buttons and join us!

To recap: The Wonderful Dare Challenge (still running!).

I delight Raych

Raych’s counter-delight to me.

Horrible Dare Challenge ’09 (finito. Thank God!):

Raych tries to destroy me and I suffer thrice:

1) The Favored Child

2) The Patmans of SVH

3) BSC: Claudia and the Little Liar

I try to destroy Raych and her pain in thirds:

1) Dawn

2)SVH: Dear Sister

3) Evermore

5 thoughts on “Horrible Dare & Wonderful Dare BUTTONS”

  1. LOVE the buttons. If I had time I would be in on the challenge, but alas, I shall have to look forward to all the spewing about things wonderful and horrible to come.

  2. What a hilarious idea! I read your comment on the Book Smugglers’ review of Hush, Hush and had to come over here to check this out.

    I heard Evermore on audiobook and couldn’t believe I paid for that thing.

    Oooh I really _do_ want to know about the Patmans – that’s Lila’s family right? Oh shoot, Bruce’s. My bad. My childhood flashing before my eyes…

    I think I’m inadvertently playing this game with the teenagers I work with – except for them it’s a Wonderful Challenge.

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