Library Loot & Hotness, Thy Name Is Spock

1. Liar by Justine Larbalestier

2. Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

3. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan C. Bradley

Blogging lethargy happens to the best of us. I’m stricken with it. I equate the feeling with being sucked into quicksand and sinking to my anaerobic doom! Somebody throw me a freaking vine! A jungle python! On the bright side, it’s good to know my blog slug has not diminished my flair for dramatics or my cavalier use of the holy exclamation mark!!!

The library loot you see above is a week old. I’ve already read one of the three books and sent another book back to the library unread for opening with the heroine LOOKING INTO A MIRROR  to describe her physical attributes (I won’t name names but I direct you to the book in the middle of the collage and we shall all shake our heads in shame).

In a completely unrelated matter, the last movie I watched was Star Trek. I’ve never seen a Star Trek episode in my life but I love this movie on account of young Spock, who I find so…sexy. Under his stoic exterior is a FIRE that sends my vectors a-sizzle. He can solve my proofs anyday.

And his ears are so pointy

He’s so much hotter than Captain Kirk who saturates his screen time with the creepy blue steel face. Doesn’t he know that blue steel is a potent weapon and should be used sparingly? Too much blue steel and one starts to develop immunity.

Changing gears again. I interrupt my blogging break to officially announce my mini-blogging break. I do this to alleviate your fears that I might have died and won’t be around to boss YOU around. Fear not, I have nommed a box of Ferrero Rocher, the chocolate nugget of the gods, and have sworn to live forever. I’ll be back to tell you what to read another day.

In the meantime, if you’re going through serious withdrawals for my pithy sayings, I’m still tweeting away. Apparently, I’m now the Twitter villain in some Medieval melodrama with a couple of bloggers and I’ve just revealed I’m someone’s father and be-handed the infidel with my light saber.  There are paternity tests and daring dungeon escapes and…lion dens.  Live Twitter Role Play. Nerd-dom has never been so grand!


5 thoughts on “Library Loot & Hotness, Thy Name Is Spock”

  1. Not a Star Trek fan myself, but have a thing for the Almighty Spock. Of course, I also think he’s pretty damn sexy as Sylar. God, what does it say about me, the fact that I have the hots for the villian, serial killer??

    Oh well….good luck with the role playing. I’m rooting for ya (see? I like the villians!)

  2. Okay, I was going to mention that you should watch Spock as Sylar on Heroes but someone beat me to it. If you think Spock was sexy, which he totally was, just wait til you get an eye full of Heroes deranged but vulnerably sexy super-villain. I’m quite sure we’d get a blog all about it. (If only I could post my Polyvore collage I made of him in here…)

    Don’t leave us for too long. Every day I check this blog only to find nothing posted is a one more day I’m sad…

  3. Oh Spock, my heart!

    Though, I mean, Capt. Fine is a pretty good looking guy. Look past the stares and deeply look at all his lovely acne scars. He’s got a bit of my heart as well.

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