My Love Affair with Purple

I interrupt my blogging break (still ongoing) with this random post. If I were a guy, I’d dress like these gentleman above…by which I mean ‘purple.’ Say what you will, it takes a real man to wear purple. I’d also carry a skull cap pimp cane so that I may beat the insolent and say cool lines like “Do you warble, my little wren?” Wait, I already say stuff like that in real life minus the skull cane (on my Christmas wishlist).

In other news, I hereby confirm that while I was away crafting eccentric characters, I’ve BECOME an eccentric character. Check in on me when I’m 80. I’ll have stories to tell…

P.S. Am I the only one who considers Willy Wonka a fashion icon?  Would it scare you if I told you I’m slowly putting together a femme-friendly Wonka outfit to wear…in real life?

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