Still in hibernation but LOOK! Collage!

Dear Diary,

Thirteen days into 2010 and I’ve yet to finish a book. The outlook is dour and I am balling my hands into fists and waving said fists as I stomp around in a TANTRUM of epic proportions. These books (titles omitted) aren’t doing it for me.  Some of these books are beautifully written, flawless prose, monsters eating corpses and the like, yet I can’t force myself to care. My mind is all discombobulated. Mt. TBR is littered with abandoned book carnage!

Recently, I’ve started The Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough. I’m not far into it but I find myself caring about the Cleary family and slightly grossed out by this age difference between Meggie and Father Ralph (the dude is old enough to be her Daddy, though I suppose that’s alright considering that Mike Rowe is old enough to be MY Daddy yet my lust for him grows with every viewing of Dirty Jobs).

Will The Thornbirds break the dry spell? Stay tune…

Moving on, here’s the latest batch of Polyvore collages.


4 thoughts on “Still in hibernation but LOOK! Collage!”

  1. I like the stripey tights, and I have Sweetness somewhere on my TBR mountain range. Sadly, I’m not likely to get to that one this year because I’m backed up until next Christmas with books I owe reviews for. I like your collages, very pretty 🙂

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