I broke up with Gormenghast…

The unthinkable has happened: Gormenghast the mini-series isn’t doing it for me. In order to fully grasp the enormity of this statement, I direct you to T.Y. circa 2001. I was 16 and INSANELY IN LOVE with Gormenghast and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I tapped the mini off PBS and would watch it EVERYDAY, sometimes twice a day until I had all the dialogue memorized and could re-enact every scene which I did…to myself.

There was the episode when I missed the opportunity to buy the book at B&N only to return the next day but Oh NO! Some other geek bought it so I bugged the clerk and he did a series of slow-mo internet searches only to tell me it’s out of print and I had the adolescent equivalent of a HEARTATTACK. But wait! He could order it from the publisher and I was wringing my hands “Please do!” So for months and beyond, I had B&N’s number on speed dial. Like a true stalker, I made sure to call them everyday while watching my worn out VHS and AOL searching Jonathan Rhys Meyers fansites.

I was prepared to go Captain Ahab in my quest for the complete Gormenghast experience. You may shake me by the shoulders: “This is madness!” To which I’ll reply: “This is FANDOM!”

In mid-November, the book came and I devoured it. Mervyn Peake never met an adjective or adverb he didn’t ¬†like. I loved it, or, rather, having invested so much energy in acquiring the book, I forced myself to love it. Suffice to say, this Gormenghast obsession went on for years and ended with a collection of Gormenghast related purchases and a pile of ink jet JRM print-outs taped to my dorm room.

The point to this little story is that I worshiped Gormenghast and everything it represented. There was a five year period in which I forgot all about it but last night I watched it again and IT WAS NOT AS GOOD AS I REMEMBERED. Sob! To salt the wound, it was actually…cheesy. For instance, I use to think every actor was the shit. Now I see that, with the exception of JRM (who also overacted), everybody gesticulated like mimes.

I am not what I use to be! My tastes have changed. Have I matured? I’m as bummed as a child who discovered that Santa isn’t real.

I don’t even need to mention how RENT the movie isn’t doing it for me either. When they sing 525,600 mins, I am…unmoved. I don’t even want to La Vie Bohemie anymore.

What has become of me?


3 thoughts on “I broke up with Gormenghast…”

  1. I have not seen the series my self, but I am a big fan of Jonathan Rhys Meyers! I love him in The Tudors (despite the fact that he is not the historically accurate ginger, portly King Henry) and I think his smoldering good looks and his acting ability to be a bloody bastard with a fiery mean streak would make a very good Black Jack Randall/Frank Randall.

  2. I should start out by saying Jonathan Rhys Meyers makes my little heart flutter like a hummingbird’s. He’s. Just. GORGEOUS. And creepy. But mostly gorgeous.

    Second, I totally know what you mean about returning to something as an older, changed adult… listening to music that once defined my adolescence — like, oh, ‘NSYNC — now makes me roll my eyes at the absurdity of the lyrics.

    Furthermore, even stuff I like recently — like “Twilight” the film — makes me gag when I watch it on DVD. Just… really? I don’t know.

  3. I totally agree with you Jennifer, JRM would be perfect for Black Jack Randall/Frank Randall!

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