Shakespeare in my dreams…

I had a dream last night. Why post it here? Two reasons: 1) Because I can and 2) Because I’m still kicking myself for not jotting down that one time I dreamt I was Katniss in a Hunger Games set in an abandoned warehouse alley somewhere in Tokyo. I fondly call this dream Hunger Games Tokyo Drift and if I recall, I woke up right before I got shot in the ass. I should also mention that there were Japanese subtitles in that dream, which is most unusual given that I don’t understand a word of Japanese, though I was able to speak it fluently enough as Katniss.

But I digress. Last night’s dream was literature related, ergo, relevant to a book blog. I was a Sport’s Illustrated photographer on a tropical island photo shoot with Hamlet. Hamlet was doing his “Alas Poor Yorrick” soliloquy under a waterfall—in Speedos—and pawing his manscaped chest for the camera. This camera, I should mention, is a flashbulb camera from the ‘40’s, the kind that spells instant electrocution for the photographer. This being a dream (and a weird one) I lived to fry another day. In the meantime, I was otherwise preoccupied with calling Hamlet “Tiger!” and coaxing him into rubbing his smooth pecs more vigorously. I don’t need to emphasize that there isn’t much of a plot to this dream. It ends like a ‘40’s newsreel: I click the camera, flashbulb pops, and Hamlet’s sexy image spins, whirls, and BAM! Headlines!

Anybody want to be my Freud and analyze my dream? My mind: is it beautiful or just plain dirty? While you’re at it, maybe you can tell me why I’ve been having reoccurring dreams about carnivorous dinosaurs. Once I dreamt I was at the movies with R.Patz and a T-Rex burst through the screen and ATE R.Ratz. That was a good dream. Another time, the T-Rex ate ME!!! That was a bad dream. I should really ask myself what I was doing on a date with R.Patz in the first place…


3 thoughts on “Shakespeare in my dreams…”

  1. sounds like sexual frustration mixed with literary frustration. Has your relationship with books/boyfriend had any major changes? your subconscious is trying to tell you something. Maybe you’re having a hard time with the fact your significant other (I think I remember you saying you had a bf) doesn’t compare to the characters you read in books. everyone wants a Romeo, or your case a hamlet?

  2. I have the hots for Hamlet?!!!!!! Ha. I would say literary frustration more than anything else. I am psyche deep in steering myself toward an evasive writing career in the *hopefully* not too distant future. But how does that explain dinosaurs?

  3. a writing career sounds brilliant! i love to read your take on things. you crack me up! if you’re writing a book, i’m reading it. ~bg~

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