I covet…

For all the nostalgic memories of my tween years reading Christopher Pike, it dawned on me that maybe I haven’t read as much as I remembered. Fortunately, a new Pike re-issue is slated for publication in July! After several failed scavenger hunts at my local dollar book store and coming home soul-crushed and Pikeless, I’m rubbing my greedy palms together in anticipation of Remember Me. If only Simon Pulse would ride the money train all the way and re-issue ALL the Pikes, particularly Die, Softly and Masters of Murder (see “Titles Unread by Me”). Consider this an open letter to Simon Pulse: Do. It.

The next title needs no introduction. The Exile by Diana Gabaldon. Outlander Graphic Novel baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Graphic novels aren’t my thing but if Diana wants to milk this cash cow for all it’s worth I will drink the milk and like it. Publication date is near my birthday so —ahem—I hope someone’s taking notes.

How ’bout them tweed blazers with leather elbow patches? Oh what I wouldn’t give to look like a fashionista professor or an equestrian!

Finally, since this post has taken a turn for the random, here are the books I read in Feb and March.

1 thought on “I covet…”

  1. OMG, Remember Me is my FAV Christopher Pike book! I’m definitely going to have to buy that one. I also read Die, Softly. Another good one.

    That is the first time I’ve seen the cover for The Exile! My calendar is already marked so I can rush out and buy it on the release date!

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