To Pike with Love

For the better part of this year, I’ve been on a scavenger hunt for Christopher Pike novels. So far, my search has only proved disappointing and whenever I hear of people picking up a stack Pikes from their used bookstores and library sales, I gnash my teeth in uncontrollable jealousy.  Someone in the Southern California area is collecting vintage Pike paperbacks and I consider that someone my arch-nemesis! If I ever meet that someone in a dark alley, I will be forced to to kick him or her… in the FACE. Every bloody time I visit The Dollar Bookstore, I leave soul-crushed and Pikeless.

Until now…

A few days ago, my luck changed:

Ho Ho! The loot!

You may express your envy.

Guess what I also found? A pristine 1971 edition of The Witch of Blackbird Pond! No broken spine. No bent cover. The pages are a little acid-eaten but that’s expected for a paperback that is OLDER than I am. This cover brings back so many fond elementary school/tween memories!

I spent the afternoon gleefully scrubbing my loot with a generous dose of rubbing alcohol.

An intense internet search session yielded squeal-able information:

More Christopher Pike reissues! The Remember Me trilogy (Remember Me, The Return, and The Last Story) and the To Die For Omnibus (including Slumber Party and Weekend).

I’ve vowed never to say ‘OMFG’ again but what the hey? Pike is writing a sequel to The Last Vampire sextet! THIRST NO. 3: ETERNAL DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He’s also penning a new YA that involves magic carpets and a genie! The Secret of Ka. ZOMG!!!!!

I think I broke my ! button.

Detouring from my Pike worship, I snagged a new summer dress from the sales rack and frolicked about town. To answer your question: yes, many Smurfs had to die to make that handbag you see on my person. Under my gentle guise, I am a Cruella Deville at heart and my next project is to skin an Oompa Loompa colony to make a coat. Cue sinister cackle.

And if I were a librarian (why aren’t I a librarian?), my life would be a collage of cardigans, cat eyed spectacles, cupcakes, and Austen.

Happy reading!


5 thoughts on “To Pike with Love”

  1. I heart your dress and your purse and all of your adorable poses. I’m jealous; I’m always so awkward in front of cameras! lol

  2. I wish I had known you were looking for Pike books, I would have unloaded my entire collection upon you and not the local goodwill.

    I did though, keep my favourites and you best be sure that The Starlight Crystal was among them!

  3. Eva: I had to wait until the park cleared in order to do my poses. Otherwise, spectators will gawk, laugh, and point.

    M.Dominic: Noooo! Here’s hoping the Goodwill routes your Pike collection to my Dollar Bookstore. I will read The Starlight Crystal next!

  4. I loved Christopher Pike as a morbid 8 yr old and so I’ve retained a few of my favorites. Unfortunately I find myself moving across the Atlantic rather permanently. Would you provide a home for his Weekend? (I noticed you have starlit crystal and road to nowhere but not weekend.)

  5. YAYYY! The new Remember Me covers are muy excellente! I actually hated all of the Remember Me books after the first one, but I’m still excited that he’s writing more. *Squeeee!*

    And what was the title of the book about the girl who resurrected her dead boyfriend or something? I remember a bathtub and formaldehyde. Toootally creeped me out.

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