Cheap Thrills and Other Bookish Shenanigans

I used to never buy books because I never had anywhere to put them. Never had the green to back up what adds up to a very expensive hobby. The library was the one and only lifeline feeding my reading addiction. Until now…

At a dollar a piece, how could I resist? Behold! The loot! And it only cost me $4.

In exchange for reading Outlander, I promised Maree that I’d read The First Man in Rome. When I’ll fulfill this promise I cannot tell you for I am saddled with the ultimate ball and chain: a WIP that must be perfected by the end of this year or else my ego will take a beating. Since I am all ego, any blow is a death blow.

A brand new hardcover of A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly. I had fond memories of reading it some two years ago. I don’t have the time to re-read books, but that doesn’t stop me from gazing nostalgically at the physical book and pulling it from my shelf from time to time to finger the fine quality paper and sigh over random shit circulating in my mind.

Finally, two more Christopher Pikes: Monster and Spellbound to add to my growing pile of Pikes.

I am only posting my Pike collection because it makes some of you seethe with jealousy. Ha! The Pikes are mine! Okay. Sometimes I like to get in touch with my altruistic side and contribute to the lack of Pike cover art images on the web. Also, the Book Smugglers has two excellent posts about Pike here and here. *shakes virtual fist* Read. Them.

In other news, I have started L.A. Candy for the Horrible Dare Challenge. Three chapters in and I’m still waiting for the plot to begin…

5 thoughts on “Cheap Thrills and Other Bookish Shenanigans”

  1. We have the same copy of Thorn Birds! 😀 First Man in Rome is intense; it took like 150 pgs for me to get into (and I was studying Latin at the time) but then I got REALLY into it. lol

    My library book sale’s this weekend! I’m totally going for the Sunday $5 bag sale again.

  2. I loved The Thorn Birds!

    It’s not the plot, or the one-dimensional predictability of the characters that gets me in L.A. Candy, it’s the writing. If a 15 year old wrote it, I’d be, like, wow, this is really good, you will be a good writer some day. The fact that this is what got past the editor is sad and pathetic.

  3. Not a big fan of Pike :S

    Do love Colleen McCullough though – Thorn Birds is one of my all time favourites, and I’m planning on reading Tim next.

    Bargain at a dollar a piece!

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