Bookshelves and cheap splurges

If you ever invite me into your home, I’ll immediately gravitate toward your bookshelf, scrutinize your titles, and JUDGE you by what you read. That’s because I do not have a bookshelf of my own. My shelves are filled with my mom’s cheap bric-a-brac collecting dust and contributing to my allergies. Mark my words: one day I will severe the umbilical cord and build my own bookshelf! This ideal bookshelf will be awesome and far surpass all the pansy bookshelves out there. I will be the coolest kid in town and the popular bookworms will play in my sandbox!

But all that is in the future. For now I subscribe to I Love Reading and Writing and drool over their sensual bookshelf photos.

Dollar Bookstore Loot!

1. Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen: Sarah’s fictional world of Southern Fried Magical Realism is the only world I want to live in. I’ve gushed about The Witch of Blackbird Pond but I wonder if I really want to live in a Puritan colony? Or in the lawless Highlands of Outlander? A girl could get ravaged by a band of savage Scotsmen or accused of witchcraft or given dirty looks by beetle-browed Puritans! A quaint town populated by heartwarming characters (one of which concocts mouthwatering dishes) and a 4th of July Fair is the ideal world for me. It’s so very Mister Rogers or vanishing Americana and I want a piece of it. Plus, I have this affinity toward ferris wheels and craft tents, preferably tents where you sell your blackberry preserves and homemade pies. This book gives me the same comfy feeling I get from rubbing my mittens on my cheek.

2. The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde: A brand new trade paperback. Pristine condition. Unbroken spine! I remember abandoning this book when I was 17 because I just couldn’t get into the story.  Now that I own the book, I’m a firm believer of second chances.

3. Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman: I snagged the first edition hardback in mint condition! The design is top-notch for a novella that is really nothing more than pamphlet. I read this book last year and liked it well enough. I left it unreviewed because I have absolutely nothing to say other than “I like Hoffman’s description of jellyfish.” Alice Hoffman is an author you read for the sake of reading beautiful prose as opposed to reading for the story.

4. The Listeners by Christopher Pike: I read this book twice during 7th grade silent reading (there was a lot of silent reading time during middle school). After a few years the library discarded its copies, it went out of print, finding a copy was virtually impossible. Until now… I only remember the story in vague flashes: Evil twin… sexy twin… great big giant head… and a cool opening line, “David Conner had shot three people in his life, blown up three, and burned another to death.”

And now for some random YA book coveting:

1. Vixen by Jillian Larkin: Reason for coveting is based solely on cover art.

2. Everlasting by Angie Frazier: When I read the synopsis for this book, I nearly DIED OF TERROR!  The plot sounds loosely like the plot to my top-secret-never-told-a-soul WIP, well, minus the historical period, the sinking ship, and the charming first mate. But there IS a stone and a quest and some dead parents who may or may not be recalled to life by said mythical stone! Then I read the first pages on Amazon’s preview and sighed with relief. It’s nothing like my WIP. This book is Quest for McGruffin + Coming of Age for feisty heroine + gentle love story.  My book is Quest for McGruffin + Captain Ahab-like obsessive feisty heroine + Dynasty-esque Dramarama + twisted love story. There are only a few plots in the world:  the only thing differentiating one quest novel from another is the author’s unique voice and perspective. Also, you can’t go wrong with hobbits. I don’t have hobbits, but I have…catfights and a heroine who learns not to be a bitch.

3. Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly: Because I’ll read anything by Jennifer Donnelly, especially a YA about the French Revolution. This will tie me over until The Wild Rose, the 3rd book in her Rose Trilogy, is published in 2011.

4. The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff: Reason for coveting is based solely on cover art.


4 thoughts on “Bookshelves and cheap splurges”

  1. The cover art on The Replacement is totally worth coveting. I was coveting it as I read along, and was glad to see that you covet, too.

    As for bookshelves, I have a few, but they’re not nearly as expansive and cool as I’d like them to be. I’ll come over to your sandbox when you get your dream shelves.

  2. I recently read the first two books in the Thursday Next series. I blogged about the Eyre Affair, but haven’t reviewed Lost in a Good Book yet. I loved both though!

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