Cover Lust and Guilt Free Blogging

While browsing my Google Reader subscriptions the other day, I realized that a) I judge a book my its cover b) I like girly book covers c) More specifically, I ‘fashion’ covers with models decked out in gorgeous couture gowns. In other words, I like my book covers to resemble a Vogue fashion spread.

Observe these yet to be published novels. I only have a vague notion that Wither is a dystopian YA and Vixen is a YA historical set in the 1920’s. There are no first chapter excerpts on Amazon yet. I promise you this: it doesn’t matter. I will check them out of the library regardless. See? Cover art matters! At least to someone like me who is easily distracted by shiny colors and pretty dresses.

In other news, my books finished per month count is the lowest it’s ever been since I started my blog. I’m suffering from a vicious case of reading malaise. Observe the symptoms. July: 1 book. Remember Me Trilogy by Christopher Pike. In my defense, Remember Me is 3 books in 1. So there.  August: 1 book. Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes.

See what I mean? Pitiful summer reading! A symptom of pitiful summer reading is pitiful summer blogging. Whereas a few months ago, I would have flogged myself for falling into another blogging slump, I am now a semi-changed woman and I reserve the right to take a guilt free break whenever I feel like it. In other words, I used my non-reading time trying to overcome my crippling case of perfectionism so I can move on with my life and be happy! I also checked out a self help book titled “How to be Happy Without Being Perfect.” That pretty sums up my real life problems. I suppose learning that I don’t need to have all my ducks in a row to be happy is my flavor of the week.

Just out of curiosity: besides reading, do you have other hobbies? My other hobby involves writing but that’s in the same ballpark. Unless you count shopping a hobby (a dangerous hobby). In the interest of being more well-rounded, I realized I need a hobby that doesn’t involve words. Preferably something that I won’t feel pressure to excel at so I could learn not to be perfect. Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Cover Lust and Guilt Free Blogging”

  1. I go on waves of obsessive beading. Mostly necklaces and bracelets, but its stress relieving.

    Plus I have my daughter and two dogs, one of which just swallowed a Princess and the Frog band-aid. See, loads of relaxing fun, it almost makes me forget the exciting Maximum Ride book sitting next to me…. almost.

  2. Covers are always the first indicator of whether or not I choose a book. Which, I guess, is pretty silly since from my understanding authors don’t even get to choose THEIR cover design? Wither looks absolutely amazing – based on the cover – so gorgeous.

    I don’t really have any other hobbies other than reading. When it’s not hot I garden. But in Florida it feels like it is always hot.

  3. I love pretty cover art too. I’m particularly drawn in by pics of long, flowy dresses or anything with a vintage feel.
    My primary hobby is sewing. You should give it a shot and start making your own beautiful gowns! It’s a very practical skill to have, but don’t be surprised if everyone you know expects you to whip them up a Halloween costume 🙂

  4. I’ve been in a reading/blogging slump myself, brought on largely by professional and family responsibilities. When I’m not reading or blogging I tend to fall back on mindless TV (Food Network, design shows). Also spending lots of quality time with my 4-month-old because I can see already that he’s growing entirely too fast. *sigh*

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