Head desk

Say what you will about my lame post title. Head Desk! best summarizes my feelings at the moment. I took an oath to never talk about you-know-what but I am always fuming and scrawling furious journal entries over you-know-what. Since I ran out of journal space something’s gotta give.  I feel a special camraderie with Memory and Renay who have posted about this most vile of topics. I will be extremely vague and write in circles—much like the special circle of hell I’ve toiled in for much of my after college years. Quite recently, I came to the realization that you-know-what is the reason why I like books more than people. I’m not a curmudgeon by any means. I like people in general. If I met you in real life, I’d probably like you. It’s rude/crazy people I don’t like. People who say stupid things like:

Crazy Lady: “I couldn’t complain because you didn’t call me. I was waiting by the phone for an entire year for YOU to call me so I can complain.”

Me (closes eyes and counts to ten): “Why didn’t you call us?”

Crazy Lady: “Because I’m not one to complain…”

Eff my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, that’s how I kick off the majority of my journal entires.

Readers! Help! Tell me about your day jobs: do you love it or hate it? If you love it, teach me how to get it!


6 thoughts on “Head desk”

  1. 😦

    I love my current day job, but since it’s mostly a matter of being a shiftless gadabout, I’m not sure it’s a practical solution for most folks. I write a lot, read a lot and wander the streets in search of adventure. Nobody pays me for it, but I saved so much money working at my Hell Job that that’s okay.

  2. I hated my day job- it sounds like it was similar to yours. I was a receptionist at a doctor’s office and spent all day on the phone with idiots. Eventually, I may or may not have told an exceedingly annoying woman that we didn’t treat her condition so she wouldn’t come in (I did tell her another office where she could take her crazy, as well). I maybe got caught and maybe got fired. I took the opportunity to evaluate my work life and realized having a boss makes me angry. So now I’m self employed as a free lance writer. I do love it, but mostly I love the freedom of it.

  3. Thank you for helping me to appreciate my job! I teach 3-year-olds. When they say crazy things, it’s never mean and always cute!

  4. LOL – yes, people are just plain crazy, aren’t they? I completely understand where you’re coming from on that one. That’s why I limit my people contact to book bloggers….we’re much more sane (usually).

  5. I used to work in customer service in an insurance company, taking calls about group health insurance issues. Oh yeah–I know crazy people! So, so glad not to have to deal with them any more!

  6. I worked retail. It paid the bills and occasionaly I got things thrown at me.
    Now I’m a librarian and work with kids and web stuff. It’s a beautiful thing finding the right place but it took courage and a lot of student loans to get here.

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