The Birthday Post

It’s that time of the year again… I am at the age where I stop telling people my age.

I believe a collage of Yours Truly frolicking in my new birthday dress is required. I tried to leave out pictures of my face in case someone sees my ‘staring off into the distance’ pose or my ‘Elvis Jailhouse Rock’ pose or my ‘smelling the wilted sunflower’ pose and is tempted to stalk me. Speaking of stalking…

I’ve been wondering about Christopher Pike’s mysterious identity and his equally mysterious origins a lot lately. After some intensive internet searches, I’ve drawn the following conclusions:

a) He looks like a young Harrison Ford (I get a lot of snickers on this one)

b) He’s lived in L.A. but now resides on a beach house on a cliff in Santa Barbara.

b) He’s a runner and probably wears New Balance Sneakers. Not that I’m particularly partial to New Balance but Pumas seem too hipster-ish for Pike, who I imagine as a casual dresser

c) He wears half rim glasses for the computer

d) I don’t believe for a second that the pensive picture of Pike on his Amazon page is his real picture. Why would someone as private as Pike post his picture online? I smell a red herring!

e) Since he derived his pseudonym from Star Trek, I bet he frequents Star Trek conventions and if I attend an L.A. Trekkie convention, the chances of me running into him are high. On the other hand, he could be dressed as a Klingon and that might throw me off given that I don’t speak Klingon. Now I wonder if I should learn the language so I could communicate with Mr. Pike…

f) I haven’t discarded the possibility that he may be a vampire…

Okay, because of these theories, my co-workers now think that I am a stalker. I call it Nancy Drew-style sleuthing. They’ve advised me to “Give it up! You’ll never crack the Christopher Pike puzzle.” But they don’t understand that the Pike Puzzle is like a Ghostwriter mystery I have to crack.  On the bright side, everybody wants to read Christopher Pike due to my stalking!

It isn’t a birthday unless I ramble about something weird…


14 thoughts on “The Birthday Post”

  1. Happy birthday! I have been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it. I hope this doesn’t ruin your Pike fantasy, but there’s a little kerfluffle going on with him at Amazon–he is accused of reviewing his own books under a pseudonym. And according to one site, his real name is Kevin McFadden.

  2. Thanks guys!

    Trisha: I’m reading the Amazon discussion. Oh sweet merciful god, I hope that’s not really Pike praising his own books and attacking reviewers. If it is, I will be CRUSHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If it is, I think it’s a bit funny. I work for a Publishing fulfillment warehouse. We ship books to Amazon and Barnes & Noble and others. Anyway, alot of smaller books are written and published by the same people. I know that most of these authors, at least, have friends leave comments on their books if not do it themselves. I’m sure it happens more often then we realize.

  4. Wendy:
    I want to believe that whoever that person is on the Amazon discussions is either a rabid fan who thinks he’s Pike or even if it is Pike’s editor or illustrator, maybe Pike has no knowledge of this. He’s too busy writing novels and meditating and looking like Harrison Ford to bother with negative reviews.

    Because if it’s true… I’ll feel like a child who just found out there’s no Santa Claus.

    Or like Luke Skywalker when Darth Vader dropped the paternity bomb. In fact, I’m already scrunching up my face: “Pike will never sink to this level. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  5. You’re right, there’s absolutely no way it could be Christopher Pike. He’s way to busy being sexy and cultured to stoop to anything so petty… Yep.

  6. I’m horribly late with this, but happy birthday! I love your birthday dress. And I totally think Christopher Pike is a Klingon AND a vampire.

  7. T.Y. This is the real Christopher Pike. My gf caught your blog and she asked me to wish you a happy birthday because…well, I just had a birthday, on November 12th, and she thought you would be happy to hear from me on such a special day, even if I am a little late. Oh, and I’m supposed to deny being someone crazy on Amazon. I get that occasionally, where someone says they’re me. The one place I do often post is on the main Christopher Pike fan page on Facebook. That guy IS me, and you can write me there, although I often take a while to respond. But be reassured that I don’t post reviews of my books and I never attack people who dislike my novels, especially since I’m probably my own worst critic!
    Yours, Christopher Pike aka Kevin McFadden
    P.S. I do run. I do wear New Balance shoes.
    P.S.S. Unfortunately, I don’t look like Harrison Ford. More like the Elephant Man. Sorry.

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