Belated Halloween Outfit & Readings

Readers! I have not forsaken you. But the intrawebs has forsaken me! Do recall the Verizon commercial with the HORDES of people waiting to back you up should you encounter systems failure? Well… LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The intrawebs died on me and I couldn’t even get one person, let alone hordes of people, to tech support me. So after a week of volleying back and forth with the vicious V, I am back!

Because I couldn’t post this up sooner, here’s my Halloween outfit. I couldn’t go to work dressed as the giant foam hot dog I intended so I dressed in Halloween colors!

On the reading front: this week I polished off Dream Man by Linda Howard. There’s a lot of romance novels on the shelves, which can be dizzying for someone looking for the ‘best of romance’ to read. So I Googled “Best Romance Novels” which brought me to this link and found Dream Man on the top (under Outlander by Diana Gabaldon…obviously). Okay, so Dream Man is no Outlander and Jamie Fraser ruined me for other fictional men. Having said that, this romantic suspense about a hardboiled detective investigating a serial killer and getting involved with the psychic who has visions of said killings is seriously good. In any event, I don’t feel inclined to review it when the only thing I have to say is “It entertained me.”

Happy Reading!


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