My Stalker Mug

It’s not easy being a stalker…

But having a ginormous mug commemorating your creeper status does bring a tear to my eye.

Surely I jest. I’m not really a stalker. NOT YET! (More jesting). Rest assured, you won’t find me hiding in Christopher Pike’s bushes clutching a pair of binoculars any time soon. I prefer the telephoto lens…

I am, however, the queen of the inside joke. So much so that one of my co-workers made this mug for me.

That’s supposed to be me! My heart-shaped sunglasses represents my lovestruck status, but I think it makes me look certifiably insane. I also have fairy wings and an abnormally large head. In real life, I do resemble a walking candy apple. Too much brain!  Since I like to think of Christopher Pike as a reclusive and  romantic figure akin to The Phantom of the Opera, the tag says “Call me your ANGEL OF FICTION!”

Tag: “I Love Stalking C. Pike.”

I hope Christopher Pike doesn’t take a break from writing his novels of the night, Google himself, and stumble upon this post. The last thing I need is another restraining order…





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