Romance Novels, Puffy Shirts, and Musicals

Sometimes I’m seized with the need to blog my random thoughts yet hold myself back because randomness=off-putting. Considering that a month long blogging break also equals off-putting, I figured ‘What the heck? You only blog once, right?’

God, I love romance novels. There was a time in say, middle school, when I was not so proud of my romance novel reading habits but now I have fully embraced my love of the genre. A monthly dose of sexy times does a body good! Lately I just discovered a new favorite author (Lisa Kleypas via The Booksmugglers) and after polishing off Devil in Winter and Sugar Daddy, I’ve morphed into a fangirl and placed three more of her titles on hold. I’ve read the reformed rake + virginal heiress story a million times so you’d think I’ve seen it all, but damn it if it does get me every time. Sigh… Oh dudes! I am a swooner. I really do put the book down, roll my eyes back, and SWOON. I also fan myself because SOB…so romantic!

Speaking of Romantic: this trailer for The Princess of Montpensier is freaking me out in all kinds of good ways. Let me just highlight and ALL CAPS a few key words: GASPARD ULLIEL + PUFFY WHITE SHIRT + SWASHBUCKLING ROMANCE NOVEL PLOT.

Change of topic… So I discovered there’s a Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert floating around on DVD somewhere and freaked-the-eff-out! To fully understand the freak out, here’s some background information on my Les Mis obsession. ‘Twas my senior year of college and like any undergrad pursuing what would eventually become a useless liberal arts degree, I was prowling my local library shelf in search of an answer to or a distraction from my future. My browsing fingers tripped upon a VHS of the 10th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables, which blew my mind upon the first viewing so much so that I immediately rewind and watched it again. And again…until I could bellow “On My Own” in the shower. Then came the soundtrack (in English and French) which I played on a continuous loop between bouts of Wicked. I give ‘obsession’ a new name. Anyway, this is all to say: a new Les Mis concert! But alas, I squandered away an hour of my precious writing time watching clips of it on YouTube and was aghast to discover a Jonas Brother as Marius, who in turn, BUTCHERED “A Little Fall of Rain” and left me spewing vile words that cannot be repeated here.

Back to puffy shirts: my beloved boyfriend created a Jamie Fraser avatar on his XBOX just for me! Since there were no kilts in this virtual wardrobe, we dressed him in a puffy pirate shirt and black tights and pretended this is Jamie disguised as a Musketeer.


6 thoughts on “Romance Novels, Puffy Shirts, and Musicals”

  1. SQUEE! I discovered your book blog a couple of weeks ago, and it was love at first sight. I’ve been dropping by about twice a week to check for updates and to read the archives. I wondered if maybe your blogging days were over and I’d found TLC too late. My SQUEE! is sincere.

    I want to thank you for your post on The Duchess. I checked it out from my public library after reading about it here and I LOVED IT. I’m currently reading Knight In Shining Armor.

    Also, thank you for embracing your love of romance novels. I love them, too, but I’ve always been embarrassed of that love. But you know what? No more. No more.

  2. Angie:
    Thank you! Your comment made my day…which means I will never stop blogging, even though I’ve been blogging with a snails pace these days. If you like The Duchess and A Knight in Shining Armor, also check out The Heiress and Remembrance (also by Jude Deveraux). These novels comprise my quartet of top J.D. books! And please tell me you’ve read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon…

  3. I went to see Les Mis with my mom in London when I was 13, and I became instantly obsessed! I got the soundtrack for my bday and to this day can sing the whole thing. 😀

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