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Ava Nolan grew up in the shadow of her father’s obsession with macabre artifacts. An elixir brewed from witches’ blood. A cabinet of mummified cats. And Arabella’s Curse, the missing prize in his collection: a ruby with the power to resurrect the dead. With a father who resents her existence, a dead-end job, and her expulsion from school to live down, Ava sets out to recover the ruby and reclaim her self-respect. Luckily for Ava, local legend says the ruby is buried in a crumbling mansion by the sea, not far from her new home.

But life as an amateur relic hunter is not without its share of emergency room visits. Or cutthroat competitors. And nearly plummeting to her death doesn’t terrify Ava half as much as her uncle, a gentleman grave robber with a vendetta against her father and sinister plans for the ruby.

Entangled in a web of family treachery, Ava finds solace with a lonely boy who fills her nights with stolen kisses and her head with ruby lore. But there’s something strange about Ben Wolcott. He’s a bit too cunning, a bit too preoccupied with keeping Ava out of his basement, and much too interested in Arabella’s Curse.

Today is the release of a book that is near and dear to my heart. It is the first book I’ve ever written (I’ve re-written it three times and in three different settings, then re-wrote it three more times during that dark querying period in which I can officially label myself insane. That being said, I wrote this book 6 times). This is the book that nabbed me an agent and allowed me to meet many amazing writer friends. If I can describe this book in three words: sex, lies, and sinister family secrets.

There are bad girls and bloodstains, romance and rendezvous, backstabbing and literal stabbing. I promise you will be entertained.

Please note: BLACK HEART, RED RUBY is not the sequel to LOVE IN A TIME OF MONSTERS but the first book of the Wicked Jewel series. That being said, the two books take place in the same universe and there are very subtle Easter eggs littered throughout both books in case anyone wants to go on a scavenger hunt.






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