Casting ‘The Witch of Blackbird Pond’ Movie

I’m growing impatient for The Witch of Blackbird Pond to be made into a movie. After waiting close to a decade for a movie to happen, I’m resigned. Maybe it will never happen. Maybe Puritans are just not appealing to Hollywood. Maybe movies about witch trials and colonial domestic life doesn’t equal box-office success. Whatever the reason, I’m sick of waiting. I’m casting my own damn movie!

The following are my very rough casting ideas. I can only think of actors for a few characters and I’ve yet to consider actors/actresses for Mercy Wood, Hannah Tupper, John Holbrook, William Ashbey, Aunt Rachel, etc…

So Witch of Blackbird Pond readers, this is your chance to comment and let me know what you think. If you’ve been harboring the ideal Kit Tyler or the ideal Nat Eaton inside, please give me your two cents. When I’ve gathered enough reader input, I’ll composite a collection of actor/actress images for voting.

Kit Tyler

Actress: Felicity Jones
Character description: There isn’t much physical description of Kit Tyler. Speare hints that she is thin with dark brown hair. Kit’s beauty is ambiguous: some characters think she is attractive, but other characters say she’s isn’t exactly pretty. So I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s pretty but not beautiful, but I imagine her as beautiful anyways.


Commentary: After watching Northanger Abbey (2007), I found Felicity Jones ridiculously beautiful—breathtaking even. However, she’s got the fresh-faced, trustworthy quality of a young heroine. I felt very comfortable looking at the world through her eyes.

Nat Eaton

Actor: Gaspard Ulliel
Character description: “She had noticed him often, his thin wiry figure swinging easily hand over hand up the rigging, his sandy, sun-bleached head bent over a coil of rope” (1).

Commentary: Gaspard Ulliel got passed up for the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie. Does that mean he’s up for grabs in the WOBP movie? Okay, so he doesn’t have sandy blonde hair, but that can be easily remedied. Gaspard has the prerequisite “thin wiry figure” and I can see him swinging on the rigging. In the book, there is never any mention of Nat Eaton’s age, only references to his youth: “that cocky young seaman!” If Kit Tyler is 16, I assume Nat Eaton is 19 at the most. Remember, they don’t live that long back then.

Uncle Matthew

Actor: Liam Neeson
Character description: “From his place at the head, a man unfolded his tall angular body and came toward her. She could not read the faintest sign of welcome on his thin stern lips or the dark eyes that glowered fiercely at her from under the heavy grizzled eyebrows” (32).

Commentary: Liam Neeson is the only actor I can think of who fits that physical description. Like Uncle Matthew, he can be fierce, commanding, and noble at the same time.

Judith Wood

Actress: Alexis Bledel
Character description: “Judith’s face fulfilled every exquisite detail the picture she hand treasured of her imagined aunt. The clear white skin, the blue eyes under a dark fringe of lashes, the black hair that curled against her shoulders, and the haughty lift of her perfect small chin—this girl could have been the toast of a regiment!” (32).

Commentary: Isn’t Alexis Bledel known for her piercing blue eyes? And yes, she does look like the toast of a regiment.

130 thoughts on “Casting ‘The Witch of Blackbird Pond’ Movie”

  1. I know this was a favorite book of mine growing up but I cannot remember at all what it was about! For what it’s worth good casting choices. I like the guy that passed up on the Edward Cullen role – too bad. He seems like he would have fit perfectly.

  2. I love Gaspard Ulliel! It was for him alone that I went and saw Hannibal Rising in theatres. And I agree with Iliana-I totally seem him as angsty Edward.

    It’s interesting how differently you and I feel about books being made into movies. The more I like a book, the more I will avoid any movie version of it like the plague! I’d rather have my own image in my head from reading than Hollywood’s version. πŸ™‚

  3. Iliana:
    Can I interest you in a re-read?
    Yes, Gaspard Ulliel would have made a perfect Edward Cullen (he’s the top pick on YouTube), but it shall never be… I’m pretty happy with Robert Pattinson though.

    For every book I read, I have this need to visualize it. Even if I knew that they were going to butcher the book as a movie, I’ll still go see it.
    I just want to see live characters and the scene played out.

  4. I’m stumped. But I like your interesting cast, especially Gaspard. I really can’t think of anyone for any character, except a younger Leo DiCaprio for Nat, which sadly enough, is not possible.

  5. On second thought, even if they made a cartoon movie for WOBP like Anastasia, that would be awesome. I’d like to see another Dimitri-type hottie. πŸ™‚

  6. m.majeed—
    Yeah, casting WOBP is hard. I had to really rack my brain to come up with the actors/actresses. If it wasn’t for watching Northanger Abbey last weekend, I wouldn’t even know who to cast for Kit.

    Now that you mention it, the Anastasia and Dimitri relationship reminds me of the Kit & Nat relationship: the unspoken attraction, the subtle chemistry, the bickering. Dimitri’s sarcastic personality reminds me of Nat as well. Maybe that’s why I liked Anastasia so much, it reminds me of WOBP.

  7. That Gaspard guy is hot, hot, hot! I’m going to have to do a little Gaspard research now…

    How about Ellen Page for the role of Kit? I know she’s kind of Emo, but that girl can act!

    Thank you for this. Now I’ll have to reread.

  8. Char–
    Thank you! Gaspard is HOT! I’m not too sure about Ellen Page; she’s a great actress, but I’m having a hard time picturing her in period movies—has she ever done any historical pics?

  9. No, I don’t think she has. Maybe she is a bit too alternative. Perhaps Rupert Grint could play Kit!

    Have a good weekend.

  10. Love this book. Have read it to all our kids. Just finishing it with the Third Grader. So wanted to find a movie to cap it off with, but sadly that hasn’t happened yet. I like your choices for characters. I think we should start a petition drive with a couple Hollywood types. Maybe sending notes to the choices would get them thinking…or at least reading the book! Carry on.

  11. Connie—
    Count me in for the petition idea. WOBP has such great movie potential, it would be a waste not to make it into a movie. I see epic, I see drama, I see Oscar.

  12. I was hoping to find a movie for this book because it is my favorate book. So I hope you can get a movie in the making. I am going to be a teacher so I was hoping I could find a movie to show my students after we read the book in class.

  13. Im 12 yr old. not long ago i finished *the witch of blackbird pond* It was awesome so i started looking if their was a movie, but as you know there is no movie. *tear* I think it’s unfair that the movie hasn’t come out yet. People should know about this book but most people don’t like reading so I demand: there should be a movie!

  14. sara:
    I read WOBP when I was about your age. I’m still wishing for a movie—as you can tell by the sheer amount of WOBP related post I’ve writing. Thanks for dropping by!

  15. like the casting, especially Judith! The book really would make a good movie…Even if there isn’t an according role Hugh Jackman should somehow be cast! LOL!

  16. i love this book so far
    i wish this movie will come out
    If it does hopefully it is before June 22
    So the 5th graders in my school can watch it
    So good luck
    Hopefully this movie comes out
    Antonella and Jasmine

  17. I teach 5th grade and we finished the book today! My students clapped at the end. I love that!
    They keep asking me if there is a movie. I’d never found one, but of course I went online to look again just hoping…
    We would all be thrilled if you really did make this movie! I’ll ask my students tomorrow who they think the characters should be played by and let you know what they think.
    Thank you!

  18. My class is reading this book, and we have to read at least 1 chapter each day, but I read at least 2 1/2 chapters everytime. I absolutely love the book and I would love to watch the movie. I thought it would be really cool to play in the movie, maybe as Mercy or Kit, (those are my favorite characters). So if you would need someone, I’m interested in playing a part. I’m about to turn 14, I have blonde hair, Im 5’4-5’6, dont know exactly, I love acting, Im very entergetic, fun, and I get along with people very well. If you are interested, email me, I could give a number to contact me, and send some pictures for you to see me.

  19. We created a website just for this “fantasy cast” activity (, and we’d LOVE to get more “lit” people on there! We think that casting is a way to inject “movie fun” in to literature, and enable a classroom discussion you wouldn’t otherwise, especially with young people. WE only have 60K titles so far, but go take a look and suggest some more LIT titles, and we’ll plug them in for you to “cast”.
    “for the movie in your mind”

  20. What about Mercy Wood (Holbrook), John Holbrook, Hannah Tupper and William Ashby? I absolutely LOVE The Witch of Blackbird Pond! It is beautifully sculpted into a romance and had tastes of supece and action.

  21. this book is so good i can’t wait to see the rest of the cast and the movie!

  22. i like the selections. Another suggestion for Nat would be William Moseley from Chronicles of Narnia. He is british though… ??

  23. you MUST get help to find someone else to play as edward cullen because the guy you chose is discustingly ugly and disturbing to look at!

  24. beatrice:
    The guy I chose is for Nat Eaton from Witch of Blackbird Pond, see title of post. I didn’t pick anyone to play Edward Cullen, the professionals did that. Are we still talking about Gaspard Ulliel here? Personally, I still stand by the fact that he’s hot. Don’t hate.

  25. ohh i love william moseley! he would be perfect for nat. he is blonde headed and skinny and plain gorgeous!
    i think that kit should be played by an unknown girl. for a breakout role. and an air of mystery of who she is to the audience!
    that would be cool.

  26. I LOVE this book it is such a good one. does anyone no the authors address or email? i want her to write a second book. I wish that the book would of ended up like this: nat and kit marry, and adopt prudence because her parents are arrested. but it didnt end up that way, if they made a movie for it and it came out in theatre then im sure that are whole class would go and see it

  27. Oh, I love this!
    How about–

    Abigail Breslin as Prudence
    Gerard Butler as Matthew
    Zooey Deschanel as Judith
    Alexis as Mercy (she seems a little meeker… Zooey has a little more of Judith’s zing)
    James McAvoy or Hugh Dancy as John Holbrook.. they are both handsome but can be very gawky when needed
    Julie Walters as Hannah

    I have 3 options for Nat… they would all have to dye their hair.
    Mark Wells – he is a cutie!! First choice.
    Jared Padalecki – he might work as William
    Dave Annable – he would be excellent for those quirky looks Nat gives Kit

    That’s all I’ve got. I’m not sure about your pick for Kit but i like it more than i dislike it. She’s interesting and she’s a good actress, she just looks so YOUNG.

    The animation idea is fantastic too. Another Dimitri in Nat form would be JUST my cup of tea!

    Thanks for making this… I’ve looked all over for pictures, etc. too, to no avail. I LOVE THIS BOOK!

  28. I think Anne Hathaway should play Kit, Nat’s actor is fine. Uncle Matthew’s actor is fine. I think Alexis should play Mercy, and the girl who played Hatie ( I am guessing that is how you spell it) should play Judith.

  29. Have you ever checked out It’s a place just for making and discussing a movie cast for any book. I totally agree that Ulliel would have been great as Edward in Twilight, but I’ll settle for “Digory.” πŸ™‚

  30. So i’ve read this book way too many times to count and every time i do i think how much i would love to see it as a movie. i’m so glad so many others feel the same. I just was searching to see if there was any sign of a movie and i found a blurb about a witch of blackbird pond movie announced. looks like we will get our wish.

  31. This is so cool to find another Nat Eaton obsessor. I must tell you that when I was 10 or 11, I had the same FEVERISH crush on Mr. Eaton. He was the man of my dreams, and I think I read WOBP hundreds of times. Once in a while, I still read it (at age 30-something). It endures as one of my favorites ever. I didn’t know there were plans to make a movie out of the book. To that I say: “It’s about time!!!” It would make a great film. I like your ideas for casting, but I don’t think I agree with Alexis Bledel as Judith. Alexis is stunning to look at, but I don’t think she has enough spark to pull of haughty Judith’s character. Liam Neeson would be a perfect Matthew, though. You nailed that one. I’ll have to give some more thought to casting and get back to you with some ideas. Love your site!!

  32. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK ON MY CASTING IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. i just came across joe anderson and he would be perfect as nat. this pic is exactly what i always imagine nat as looking like:

    and what about gemma arterton for kit?

  34. They are making the movie. I just found it on the NY Times: –

    I am so excited! This has been my favorite book since I was 11 (I’m 27 now)!

    I think it will make a fascinating movie I just hope it is not made to be too childish and all of the drama and excitement holds up on screen.

    For Judith I completely agree with Alexis Biedel and in sticking with a co-star of hers from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I think Amber Tamblyn would make a wonderful Kit.

  35. My 5th grade class just loves this book. They beg to read more than 1 chapter daily. They were so disappointed when I had to tell them that there was not a video. Hopefully, there will be one soon.

  36. I too have been waiting and waiting and hoping and hoping for The Witch of Blackbird Pond to be made into a movie! And I must say, your cast is PERFECT. I love all the actors and actresses, and couldn’t have chosen better myself =].

  37. I must admit, I’ve read The Witch of Blackbird Pond so many times since I was little, the only thing I feel I’m missing is to have a movie to go with it! I’ve pictured and drawn every character to my imagination and the actors/actresses you think would be best for the movie are phenomenal! If only we could convince Hollywood that this movie could be as amazing as the book itself!! (=

  38. I love WOBP! It’s such an awesome book, the more I read it, the more I love it! Sadly it’s not too well known. I’ve heard it’s announced that it’ll be made into a movie! I’m soo excited! No casting ideas-i’m not very good w/ that, but I like your ideas so far! And the other ideas posted-those fit well too! except i think anne hatheway is a bit too well known for the role of Kit.

  39. I am very pleased to have stumbled upon this site, and your articles. You have managed to take my favourite book from childhood (WOBP) and my favourite series from young-adulthood (the Outlander series) and accurately cast them almost perfectly to how I have always pictured them πŸ™‚ thanks for making my Saturday and now all I have to do is wait for someone to take your suggestions and make a movie! Thanks again!

  40. WOBP has been on my list of favourite books ever since I first read it as a preteen back in 1982. I’ve re-read it over the years and have often wondered why no movie had yet been made. The novel has everything – romance, historical drama, courtroom suspense (albeit of the Puritan variety) Plus, the characters are so richly drawn it should be a casting director’s dream. I had my own dream cast years ago but they are now too old of course. I love the suggestions here. Any ideas for William, John, Hannah and Rachel?

  41. Fruther to above, I forgot to add Prudence – I can’t think of any child actress who would do her justice – I think they’d have to cast an unknown.

  42. I was checking out some of the otehr casting choices.
    Perinne – interesting choices – I love Gerard Butler but think he’s too mature to play the 19 year old William Ashby. Ditto for some of the others mentioned (Anne Hathaway, Zooey Deschanel.) These characters are teenagers (Kit and Judith are 16).

  43. I was the one who thought of Anne Hathaway for Kit. And thank you for FINALLY giving me some feedback. But does ANYONE WHO HAS SEEN HER IN ELLA ENCHANTED KNOW THE NAME OF HER CO-STAR THAT PLAYED HATIE. Also why would picking an actress that is well known, like Anne, to play Kit be bad?! She is excellent when it comes to comedy and she is Kit in my mind.

  44. Hi Fallon,
    Hatie in “ella Enchanted” was played by Lucy Punch. (I haven’t heard of her – I just googled it.) And I agree with you there is nothing wrong with a well-known actress as Kit. Hollywood being the way it is they will go with well known people for box office reasons. She should be well known but not a huge star.

  45. hey what happened to mercy…and john…and william…. and rachel,hannah,prudence….duh…they r important too!!!!

  46. ok….nat should be hotter and more sailor like then that!!! com’on!!! Where is mercy!! she is supposed to really pretty too!!!! And r u actully doin a movie…i am soo goin to watch it!!!!

  47. hey look…nat should hottier and more sailor like… com’n….and where is mercy she is supposed to be really pretty too…
    And ru actully goin to make a movie…. i am soo goin to watch it!!! And u need a cute little prudence!!!

  48. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you so much for telling me the actresses name not knowing was driving me crazy!


  49. i love twight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  50. My cast (feedback welcome):
    Kit–unknown actress
    Judith–Alexis Bledel OR Michelle Dockery
    Uncle Matthew–Liam Neeson
    Aunt Rachel–Julia Ormond
    Nat–Ed Speleers
    John–Jack Davenport OR Kevin Zegers (he has the nose for it!!)
    William–Nicholas Audsley
    Prudence–unknown actress
    Gersholm Bulkely–Jonathan Pryce

    Other Semi-Important Characters:
    Captain Eaton
    Mistress Eaton
    Nat’s Red-Headed Sailor Friend
    Goodwife Cruff
    Adam Cruff
    Jonathan Ashby
    Eleazer Kimberly

  51. I have read through your thread. I have loved this books since I first read it in 7th grade in 1984! I am 37 years old and I still have a copy of it that I still love to read!!! I’ve changed a couple of the scenes, like I really think Nat and Kit need to share some sort of embrace or kiss towards the end of the book… but, I totally agree, this needs to be made into a movie. I read an except of a “play” adapted from the book by an auther Y. Young (?) What I read of it, I really didn’t like, I didn’t think is followed the book very well, and to be honest it was kinda hooky sounding. If someone were to write a screenplay it would have to be fabulous and very exciting, almost exact to the book. It can be done…I’ve seen it.. As of casting, I think many of you have good ideas. Well, let’s hope for the best folks…maybe one of us should write the screneplay?

  52. Awww…Gaspy πŸ™‚ **PS: You’re right. He SHOULD have been Edward** Awesome cast! This is one of my favorite books and it’s nice to see some interest in it.

  53. my goodness, i love love love this novel . . . i heard they were making this into a movie, waited such a long time and now i’m sure this is in developement hell. pooh.

  54. i like all of them except the guy to play Nat! I read the book every summer he’s just not what you imagine Nat to be unless your imagination has no character although your other choices seem really good i would advise changing that one thing.

  55. You did a greay job casting-except for Nat. I’m sure Gaspard Ulliel is a great actor and all that, but he couldn’t be Nat Eaton. Over and over throught he whole book every time it mentions Nat
    it mentions his blue eyes. (I read it again to see) I’m sure you can dye his hair but, even contacts can’t fix the eyes. Well there’s my two cents,
    I hope you make it soon!
    -Lynn Evans

  56. Maybe Glenne Headly as Aunt Rachel, I mean.
    Max Thieriot as Nat? I’m not sure about that one

  57. GREAT ideas!!! You really should get together your choices & have everyone vote asap. I’m waiting anxiously along with many others. =)

  58. I have been thinking about writing a script for The Witch of Blackbird Pond for a long time. It was just by accident that I came across this site, and looking at your casting idea’s has been very interesting. If you have any more ideas, whether of cast or script, please email me, as I always welcome outside input.

  59. I love the idea! I, too have been searching for quite a while to see if they had made a movie of this great story. I have read the book about 10 times. It’s just those types of stories you never get bored of reading. I love your choices! I just wish WOBP would really get made into a movie!

  60. Zdcfzxdfvz,

    I love The Twilight Saga, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEK! But, back to the matter at hand…check out this link for casting ideas and (PLEASE! I’m begging you.) give me some feedback ASAP:…/the-witch-of-blackbird-pond-paper-movie/ –

  61. I don’t know why but I always thought that Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives would be a good Aunt Rachel. She has the ability to look weather beaten and yet beautiful at the same time. Also the fact that she apparently played Kit in “The Witch of Blackbird Pond” in a high school play probably influenced my theory.

  62. I love the idea of kit being an unknown actress! i have a friend, kaitlyn king, and she would be PERFECT for that part! if anyone comes across any audition dates let me know so i can hook her up! peace

  63. Here is the first reply for 2010! I love your selection for Nat & Kit. Perfect! Gaspard’ll have to dye his hair though.

  64. Have you already got the screenplay? Because I’ve been working one out for some time, and I can see the movie in my mind. I think the choice of Liam Neeson was not an obvious one, but a good choice. To be appealing to today’s audiences, your characters must have depth, comedic appeal (both physical and verbal comedy), and action, while keeping the integrity of the story intact. Originally I had thought of Kiera Knightly for the part of Kit, but I think she’s a little too temperamental to play a strong but humble role. In short, if you are serious about this movie, let’s talk.

  65. I guess the characters are alright but when I read the book, the actress that came to my mind as Kit, was KIERA KNIGHTLEY…..she’s British too

  66. WOW i love this book well actually i’m in the middle of the book but cause were reading it in class and my teacher keeps catching me for stealing it, anyways is this still coming out???? i really want to see it VERY VERY VERY BADLY!!!!

  67. I do NOT know who said this but whoever said that if we’re gonna make this happen we’ve GOT to get down to business. I am only 15 so…………I doubt my parents would let me travel for this.

  68. Where is this movie? It’s still in development on NYTimes. Can’t wait for someone to cast and film it! Catherine Hardwicke?

    Also, what about the Bronze Bow or Island of the Blue Dolphins (like Castaway with Tom Hanks but with a girl instead)? These are all books I would love to see made into movies : )

  69. Listen, I can’t explain why right now, but everyone who has commented on this page owes me big time!

    HINT: Anyone heard of Shayne Leighton and/or The Incubus? πŸ˜‰

  70. I think you have a great idea. I’m sure alot of people will see your movie. I know I would . Ilove the book alot i’m actually reading it for the 50 time. So I really hope you suceede.

  71. I have also been waiting for the movie. Where you at with it now? I just wanted to say that the Charter Oak aspect of the movie could be a critical part. Liam Neeson, “one day when men desire to be free, we will again bring out the charter.” This is from memory but you know the scene I mean. This may appeal to patriots like me who are far more open minded than the teapotty sorts who know the witchcraft hysteria has no part in modern AMerica

  72. WOBP HAS GOT TO BE A MOVIE! I adore the book! The only thing is i dont want it to get butchered! Must movies that are based off a book completly butcher the story,
    But other then that ITS GOT TO BE A MOVIE!
    Hey why dont you put the prince Caspin actor as Ashbey or
    Holbrook or even Nat I’m a fan of that actor!

  73. im 10 years old my 5th grade class is reading the book the book today i LOVE THIS BOOK our teacher had told us to not read ahead but i couldnt stop myself i thought the book was going to be very boring and i would fall asleep on it . but i was proven wrong. i need alittle help from you guys since i can rarely get on the computer i was assigned a project to do a promotional poster i need to include the main characters and the actors who portray them any help i can get would be a great help projects due feb.25 for prudence i would do dakota fanning thanx guys =}

  74. I just noticed that this blog was made in 2008! Is there going to be a movie or not?? Go for it! I love the book. I have 2 copies! The only thing that should be changed is that Nat and Kit should share a kiss in the end! But seeing that this blog was made three years ago makes me think that it’s not going to happen. This book has got to be a movie! πŸ™‚

  75. I like your actor/actress choices!
    May I suggest:
    Katie Cassidy-Mercy
    Hannah Tupper-Meryl Streep
    Goodwife Cruff-Eleanor Bron

  76. I would also like to be n this movie, as I am an aspiring actress, I look older than my age (I’m 13) and I could be one of Judith’s friends.

  77. I think any choice you make for this movie of yours is a good choice. As long as the movie isn’t too far off track and the actors don’t over act then I’m good with your decisions. Just make sure the movie is as good or better than the book.

  78. A movie would be great and I can’t believe there isn’t one already! I think the uncle should be Daniel Day Lewis! πŸ™‚ such an awesome book though.

  79. Ok, i like your choice for Judith a lot, but I have a few suggestions for the others
    1. Ryan Gosling as Nat, i havent seen him in anything, but just looking at pictures i think he would be perfect
    2. Daniel day lewis as Matthew
    3. Meryl streep as rachel
    4. Im not sure who would make a good Kit, but (no offense) I dont like your choice. She looks
    too sweet and shes too darkheaded. I imagine
    Kit with chestnut hair and a plain face, but pretty. And not as white. Kit should be tan.
    I cant wait for this to be a movie

  80. I read this book the first time in 1972.
    I would love to see the movie, done right.
    but not the women. sorry.

  81. As the Chinese version translator of the book, I really want to know if there has been a movie produced now?

  82. I don’t t think the actress for kit fits very well, you should make sure you get an actress with light brown hair, kind of dark brown eyes, and with a touch of tan to her skin.

  83. Yes, Yes, Yes a million times yes! Except for Nat. I imagine him with fair hair and a more snewey look, salt sprayed. Also, aren’t the young people in the book only around 17? I feel like that kind of youth can only be re-created by the young.

  84. I think that you’re right. Old stories touch some people, but they are still old stories to most people πŸ™‚

  85. Hmmm. I’d go with different choices…

    Kit: Emma Stone, Shailene Woodley or Bryce Dallas Howard are all possibilities
    Nat: Dane DeHaan
    Judith: Zoe Deschanel
    Mercy: Eizabeth Olsen
    Matthew: Daniel Day Lewis, although I could see Liam Neeson as well.
    Rachel: Amy Irving
    John Holbrook: Caleb Landry Jones or Michael Pitt
    Hannah Tupper: Possibly Helen Mirren
    William Ashby: Allen Leech (Downton Abbey, The Imitation Game)

  86. Look at the entire cast of vampire academy some of the people in the cast fit the description and personality almost exactly I really want this movie to happen!!

  87. MAX THERIOT IS NAT. I looked at a picture and I can see no one else as Nat now. Case closed

  88. I read this book for my school assessment task and fell in love with this book instantly. I read it in two days flat because I couldn’t put it down.

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