Old Maid

So folks are telling me I’m getting old. Granted, a lot of the folks I know (bless their bitter little hearts) tend to be assholes and extremely age obsessed. Allow me to recreate a scene from my real life. This is my embittered co-worker giving advice to naive co-worker: “You better get a ring on … More Old Maid

2011 Books Read

Better late than never. Remember how I used to blog and make OCD-worthy lists and collages of all I’d read? I still make lists, but collages these days, while never extinct, are few and far between. 2011 was a slim yet memorable reading year. I discovered Lisa Kleypas and dedicated the entire spring to reading … More 2011 Books Read

Squeal! OMFG! And other high-pitched fangirl sound effects

I haven’t blogged in ages and most of my readers (if there are any left) are probably tiffed at me for disappearing without reappearing, so I’ll start by apologizing and humming some lines from Evita –“hum hum hum… you must love me!!!!!!!!!!!!!” In the interim, I’ve finished the 4th draft of my novel and am … More Squeal! OMFG! And other high-pitched fangirl sound effects