2011 Books Read

Better late than never. Remember how I used to blog and make OCD-worthy lists and collages of all I’d read? I still make lists, but collages these days, while never extinct, are few and far between. 2011 was a slim yet memorable reading year. I discovered Lisa Kleypas and dedicated the entire spring to reading … More 2011 Books Read

Playing Catch-Up 2009

Before and during my MIA stint, I’ve been reading…instead of blogging. I’ve got one word to sum up my feelings about this: Crap. A sinking crappy feeling. My poor neglected blog. My abysmal readership. My stats! My plummeting, nose-diving stats! Below, you’ll find the list of books I’ve read thus far. How many have I … More Playing Catch-Up 2009

TBR Galore

Why do I persist in adding more books to my TBR list when I cannot possibly handle the load? Likewise, why do I persist in checking out stack upon stack of books at the library when I’ve already got a monster pile threatening to topple over at home? It’s a sickness I tell you! I’m … More TBR Galore

“Jamie and Claire”

The Outlander YouTube movies are increasing in number and getting better by the minute. A few months ago, these fan videos were primarily casting oriented, but now, they’re branching out into storytelling territory. With that said, I would like to introduce a new Outlander video entitled “Jamie and Claire” that deserves honorable mention in telling … More “Jamie and Claire”

Men of the Mist

It it a truth universally acknowledged that if you’re going to have crush on a dashing fictional hero, you might as well go the extra step and provide him with his own atmospheric mist. My earliest memory of being able to see man-mist occurred on my first reading of The Witch of Blackbird Pond. The … More Men of the Mist

Tea with the Queen

In my earlier synopsis of Sweet Valley High: Beware the Wolfman, it slipped my mind to mention one other important plot element. How could I have been so careless! While the Wolfman romances Jessica Wakefield, Elizabeth Wakefield, the scholastically unblemished twin, manages to arrange tea with Queen Elizabeth. Imagine that! I didn’t know the Queen … More Tea with the Queen